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  1. Some people live on £2 a day, but they don't £1,000 for rent or £1.50 for a loaf of bread or £50 for a shirt! You should tell this to the politicians and stop blaming westerners on the whole. The western politicians are stinking rich, but you badger poor westerners. You badger the poor westerners instead of the rich westerners because at your core you are a coward! Have a nice day. 🙂

  2. "The true value of a man, is a man's value of the truth".  RC Shafer    "prove all things" YHWH  I used to believe the bible, before Satan rewrote it! I've only read the KJV that was given to me by the church I grew up in fifty eight years ago, and it had the word wineskins in it, but now that word isn't anywhere in it. The same with demons, that word was all through it. And I know that it didn't have the word Easter in it, or matrix, couch, corn, unicorns, college, castles, damsels, banks, or dozens of other ridiculous words. It never said that the wolf would dwell with the lamb in Isaiah 11:6 either! It said the lion shall lie down with the lamb! If you can't see the THOUSANDS of changes in your own bible, and 99%+ of all that believe they're saved can't, you have been sent the strong delusion spoken of in second Thessalonians chapter two. Repent for never writing His word in your heart, and research the Mandela effect bible changes while you still have time! YHWH have mercy

  3. The stuff we hold onto in this life and fear loosing it is the very stuff if we let go off would bring great peace and joy into our hearts and soul and also it creates more time which allows us to seek God More in return we Get to nurture our Children easier Proper Family Time etc the scripture says seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added I believe if we seek money,Cars,Big homes,pleasure etc We are in big trouble the day will come when you relise it's worthless it carries no value in the End but put God first and do as he says how more glorious of a life can that be !! Bless you all

  4. What’s the hardest subject? Money? Well perhaps if men weren’t all bound up in ulterior motives like paying dues to their congregation or paying salaries or building expenses or wherever else all the money goes then people might be less suspicious when asked all the time for money.

    John, James and Paul all expressed the idea that someone should help others if they had the means. From their abundance. But the church teaches that we should give till it hurts.

    The Bible teaches that we should give if we have abundance not so that we would be burdened but in our abundance we would help someone who is in need.

    Preachers use guilt to push people to give. Focus on teaching about love.

  5. When my children was young i cou lol d by a small bag of beans and small bag of rice. T hff at was in 80s now im homeless cant afford rent copsyments a n.v d meducines to afford high rent. Yet that 2$ to me is a load of wash i u sex ually have to wash by hand. Or a bagel or cup of tea oki r coffee. Ir a bottle of water. A bus ride. Thats alot to me. I even pick up pennies of ground to save till i have enough for something.I live in california alone in a rich city around rich poo eople going to the same ymca. And all they do is judge and make fun of me. There alot ok them church goers. And what im seeing to those doing yoga and talking ni drama no negative talk around them are the most meanest negative peoples.

  6. I have decided that I want to make TONS of money so I can share it with those like Francis describes in the beginning of this video.

    As John Wesley said so well:
    GAIN all you can
    SAVE all you can
    GIVE all you can

  7. I don't ever want to be rich cause money don't buy Jesus and I'm glad I'm not rich…continue to live a simple life with my Jesus in my heart and the Holy Spirit in my soul….I could careless about money

  8. People are so happy that they are born a certain race… certain class or certain country… but none of that matters, doesn't matter how good your life situation is. Only god can truly make you feel safe loved and blessed and rely on him to get you through the worldly trials.

  9. Francis Chan dose not always speak truth in scripture and I can not believe this channel has not noticed this !!!! How can you produce such good scriptural videos but can’t discern an see the fruits he produces

  10. This is SO true. I live in NY where the cost of living is insane. I make over 40k a year and I'm barely considered middle class. But I literally have EVERYTHING and i owe that to God. Thank you for reminding me that not only do i have it all but i need to learn to let go of it as well

  11. And having You in Heaven, I desire nothing on earth.

    For You are my Portion, my Very Great Reward!

    Be at peace, once more O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

    For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our sins from us!

    He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son does not have eternal life!

    Accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior now. Before it’s too late!

  12. Money is a tool, it can either be used for Good or evil. If you have extra wealth, share it with those less fortunate to help them in their daily struggles. You will feel Love in you heart they will feel the Love, and most of all Jesus will feel the Love and smile. It’s a Win, Win, Win situation.

  13. Thought I would let you know…..you are one of the pastor's that people are trying to debunk…I don't know if you know this…. but I hope that you are real….but this message makes me know that you are real

  14. I have realized that the best way to help people is creating jobs for people but giving money to someone is less helpful in most cases for example here in my country there street people who ask for money and if you even give enough money,you will meet him at the same place asking for money.

  15. Wow, I've never looked at myself as monetarily rich until this sermon, which is now one of my very favorites. One thing I have been aware of though since my having been born again, is that the greatest fortune, is in our hearts, and that's Jesus Christ. He renewed my heart and allowed me to take back my mind from Satan and the demonic spirits that stole it from me as I unknowingly surrendered it to them. Jesus changed my life, just like he promised, to offer life more abundantly.
    John 14: 6, so much more than words on paper….

    Praise be to our Heavenly Father
    Jesus saves
    God bless

  16. With millions of annointed pastors throughout America, we are still under a system of usery. Where the poor pay for everything, and the rich don't even pay taxes. Where baby's are killed in the name of womens health. Where schools teach nothing but narrative driven lies and hate for your self, your neighbor and the system. Annointed? By whom, to do what exactly? Shepard their flock into complacencey? Your all powerless fakes, annointed by no one to do absolutly nothing, but use your flock to put clothes on your back, and pay rent on some structure used once a week. The Father is slow rolling all this out, so you can see the truth of it all. Just as He said he would.

  17. Apostl Paul isn't Apostle or Saint, he is a false prophet, this is what Jesus meant, when he said, many will come in my name and deceive many. Jesus always warned us about the future even upon his death, too the Risen of his resurrection, he surely would have mentioned Paul taking his place and (coming in his name). it is ignorance. Paul contradicts everything Jesus stood for. People follow Paul because it fits their wants, preaching for money, it's something God was against, did he not turn over the tables at the temple in anger and Jesus said my father's house will be a house of worship, not of thieves. Paul said it's okay get paid for your works, so many preachers on television radio spokespeople and YouTubers all do. Jesus said bless your enemies, when Paul said curse them if they are not preach the same gospel, (that he is a disciple). I pray that people truly change their ways and see the truth, let them follow GODS word alone. Not Paul's, there are many other examples (google it) for scripture proof, but have you ever wondered why the churches are so corrupted? and so many Colts start, its from the teachings of Paul and not our GOD Almighty, may God bless you and not curse you, even if you preach a different word, because GOD loves you and wants you to see the truth, and know the true word. There are so many other contradictions with Jesus and Paul another one would be, when Peter denied jesus three times and God restored him 3 times, Paul appalled and criticized Peter, that's not godly, Paul puts himself above all the other disciples, prideful arrogant self Center and he boast, he said hes better then the rest, that's is NOT humble, another words, not a disciple but a false prophet in the Bible, so pray for everyone to wake up, people don't follow Paul, follow your heart, that is God. Blessed be you God Almighty In Jesus Christ name amen.