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Why Should We Pray?

Speaker: Derek Prince

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  1. Just looking at this subject from another POV, Jesus also said in John 14:13 and again in John 16:24 about asking in his NAME . I just need some clarification on this. When we ask IN HIS NAME are we asking in His merit in His righteousness or perhaps to put it another way, in His ESSENCE and / or SPIRIT ? Just asking.

  2. If you love God then do one thing – read the bible. Find Yeshua chanel on Facebook, we do the entire bible read through on sundays 1pm California time. We have to do a little bit of homework and read 5 chapters a week beforehand so that we can discuss things we don't understand. Now we are at Genesis chapter 30, very easy to catch-up. God bless you!

  3. Jesus said.."The Father "Knows" what we Need before we ask." our prayers should pretty much be "Thy Will Be Done." Jesus Obeyed Gods commandments and Forgave those who didn't. I believe that is what He wants us to do as well. That is "Gods Will." Jesus was a Humble Homeless man..it seems ironic that many Christians ask Him for more money, better houses, cars and jobs!

  4. I believe this whole heartedly. I'll give you a brief testimony in short. I'm at work right now. As I was walking on the job, the flash light I was using was low in light. New batteries were installed recently. I tapped on the back of the flash light thinking it was malfunctioning and the batteries moved a little on the inside and the light stopped working. Instantly I thought to myself, "Great. Now my supervisor is going to ask me about it and argue I broke it." So I prayed a small prayer like "Jesus, please allow the flash light to work so confrontation can happen." I thought what said was not good enough and tried to make it work myself. I unscrewed the back and took the batteries out then put them back in. No luck with them turning on at all. I said to myself "Ah, forget it. I guess I'll pay for batteries myself then." immediately I heard the voice of Christ say to me, "You didn't even let me do it yet." I said "My bad. I just don't want confrontation is all." I walked a little bit more and decided to get serious in prayer and said, "Lord, I'm sorry I messed with the flash light and broke it. I pray whatever devil is tampering with this flashlight and wants to cause confrontation with me, by the blood of Jesus, be banished and allow the light of Heaven to fill this flashlight with light once more." No lie, I held the button and it was off then slowly but surely, a dim light started to brighten in the flashlight again like it was and started to work again. I thanked the Lord with a little Zeal and opened my phone to see this video. That is why I agree becuase it's true and this is my testimony on this video on what just happened literally 5 mins ago from posting this comment. If your born again like me and your having trouble in anything, pray and it will be done in his will. I pray that whoever is reading this, through Christ Almighty, I touch and agree with all blessing he has bestowed on me that what you pray and ask for in Jesus name will be given to you and may the Holy Light of Heaven banish all demonic influence over your specific situation by the blood of the most high. In Christ Almighty's name, AMEN.

  5. The serpent satan shall give you what you want. But the LORD God shall give you what you NEED.

    A good father does not always give his children what they want either, but he does his best in giving them what they need. A bad father gives them only what they want.

  6. God is a PERSON because He is known to talk to people like Moses and His Saints person to PERSON so He will hear out people’s prayers as He sees fit!
    It is known that Lord Jesus answered a lot of prayers and cured many in the Holy Bible. Lord Jesus can still answer prayers and yes he can still heal at will anyone He chooses to anywhere in the word and anytime He chooses to because He is creator God Logos and a loving Father to all. In the case of the 10 leprous only one return to thank him and it is not known for sure that He was saved in the end. The healing of the body however must not be confused with Salvation which in essence is the healing of the ill begotten heart/soul. [Matthew 15-19] “FOR OUT OF THE HEART PROCEED EVIL THOUGHTS MURDERS ADULTERIES FORNICATIONS THEFTS FALSE WITNESS BLASPHEMIES” Furthermore vainglory, ego, envy, hatred, lustiness stinginess and greed are equally strong passions that siege the heart (self-will) and force the mind (body) in the un natural act of sin.
    The purpose of the creation of His Church with Lord Jesus as High Priest and Mediator to His Father 2000 years ago the purification of the heart in order to enable man back to the presence of God! [Mathew5:8] “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” Prayer in relationship to God and Salvation must be in accordance with the WILL of God! Salvation is like a sail boat that must be made from many parts to be sail worthy. All Gods requirements for Salvation (the sea worthy sailboat) were delivered to the Apostles the day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit and they are known as the 85 Holy Apostolic Canons. http://www.holytrinitymission.org/books/english/cannons_apostles_rudder.htm
    In the absence of the Church created by the Apostles prayer for Salvation is like a part of a sail boat that is to sail to Paradise without sails or oars…or a steering wheel!
    In the absence of the Church created by the Apostles prayer is a part of a sail boat named Salvation that is to sail to Paradise without sails or oars…or steering wheel!

  7. I always pray for salvation and that god can change my heart do I can learn to love him more and love his will. It's sad that alot of people think that it's hard to follow gods will and love him but if So my realize that he is your god and that without him you are nothing. If know and understand this you won't want to not live him. And life without him is hell. And if you truly understood what hell is you wouldn't want to go there at all cost

  8. Im confused. Gods will, will be anyway wether we pray or not so whats the point in praying? I guess I'm not in Gods will because ive been praying for 3 decades about something and I have faith yet it's nothing but misery for me.