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I am moving over to a Newly Created Channel Called @Moving Mountains

The Devil thought he had won when Jesus atoned for all sin by dying on the cross and was laid in a [support us] /> What the Devil didn’t know was that he was dealing with the Lion of Judah who resurrected on the third day and that he (Satan) actually was Jesus prey.

Speaker: Carter Conlon

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A & Ω Productions A & Ω Productions The main purpose of this Channel is to share the gospel with as many ppl as possible, uncensored and in spirit & truth. The content you will watch on this channel is very wide, but the frames are simple, the Bible and nothing else. Sorry, you will NOT find any Prosperity teachings or anything near that on this channel! I Upload weekly videos and this channel's goal is to encourage and spread the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ. By subscribing you help this channel to grow and reach out to even more people that are in need of THE Saviour!

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  1. Praise be to God, thank you Heavenly Father For your Son. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Him will i serve give me strength to overcome the temptations of the world,that I may walk in in your Spirit always Amen

  2. I love You so much Lord. I need strength…protect my 3 children. Help me to be part of Your end time generation that is my BIGGEST DESIRE. Help me show my kids Eric, Mia, & Valerie how much I love them Father God…help me…guide me my God!

  3. Yashuah, my Masiah, my Savior, my King, I don't understand why You subjected Yourself to the horrors of crucifixion, You knew no sin, yet You took my rightful place on that old rugged tree…Thank You for what You've done for a wretched woman like me!!!

  4. Such power in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..all Glory be to the creator of Heaven and Earth Jehovah!!! Let your Kingdom come and please don't forsake us.. I thank you Lord Almighty for never leaving my side.

  5. Dear Son,
    Excuses are bridges to nowhere, erecting monuments of nothing.

    Loving yourself, the discipline to practice self love when you exist in hell is an act of worship. God is within you, to truley sincerely love God is to love yourself. Going to the gym is worship, it is the practice of the discipline of self love.

    In moments of weakness, remember your purpose is to overcome the anger. Any angry moment is the opportunity to be your greatest self by overcoming it. Just breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe in hold 9 seconds breathe out.

    You create your own problems. Talk little, do good, a lot of good. Be peace. Be the one you want in your life.

    You are an expression of God, just as your arm is part of the body, so you are an arm of God. Thus don't hate god, as you only hate yourself. In anger don't cut off your nose to spite your face, as you only hurt yourself. If you are angry at someone and they don't accept your anger, you only hurt yourself. Stop hurting yourself, love yourself. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful and you worthy. You are loving and love, not anger, you are peace.

    Dont let sadness, anger, envy and jealousy be your mantra. Thus do not compare yourself to others, if its just going to leave you bitter. Instead compare only if it inspires you to grow and be better.

    Lead and be a benefit to others by being living proof of one practicing the discipline of self love. There is no need to worry about others and there is no time to, if you simply focus on yourself. Don't steal from others by doing for them. Don't bother others by trying to help them, only help when asked. Don't bother people with your kindness it's weird it's creepy. Only bother animals with your kindness if safe. Others are hell, so don't risk your inner peace by trying to help when not asked.

    True failure in life is never doing. Use the anger, the suffering to fuel you to be the best version of yourself.

    The one that tried and failed is a million times better than the one that never does, that procrastinates about it, talks about it and says what if. Just get started. Get after it. Just do it. Believe in yourself.

    The meaning to life is to find your purpose. Your purpose is to overcome.

    If we put the one first, we will never come in second.
    I believe the one is within me so I believe the one is within you.

    Greatness it's just something we made up. Somehow we've come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few, for prodigies, for superstars and the rest of us can only stand by and watch. You can forget that, greatness is not some rare DNA strand, it's not some precious thing, greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are all capable of it, all of us.

    Indeed it is easy to talk about it, harder to do it. Hold on pain ends. There is plenty of suffering in the world, don't add to it. What the world needs is more hope, more light in the darkness. Be the hope, be the change and be the light you want to see in the world. No need to fight to prove i am right, as we are all the living truth. The light shines the brightest in the darkness.

    Let self love be your mantra, so you can be a benefit to you and all. Kindness is not weakness. To truley be strong is to be kind regularly, as its hard to be kind when its easier to be unkind in an unkind world. Thus it shows your inner strength to do what is hard reguarly.

    The path to easy street is not through the sewer, its done through the hard work in building something. Build your body or something of value. Stop pitching a tent in hell, get after it, if you build it they will come. Like moths to a light.

    You can be the thorn in someones eye, or the pearl in someones eye. Your choice. We have held on to anger for too long, it doesn't matter who won. Life is better when we accept that the best revenge is moving on to the best you can be.

    As per the story of the prodigal son, you have been blessed with free will and a conscience. God has infinite patience and will rejoice at your homecoming. Make haste to correct yourself even if you have wrecked yourself, as life is finite.

    You are plenty
    I am plenty
    You are me
    I am You
    You are worthy
    I am worthy
    You are beautiful
    I am beautiful
    You are amazing
    I am amazing
    You are blessed
    I am blessed
    You are loving
    I am loving
    You are love
    I am love
    You are divinity
    I am divinity
    You are light
    I am light
    You are the way
    I am the way
    You are the truth
    I am the truth
    You are grateful
    I am grateful
    You are patient
    I am patient
    You are intelligent
    I am intelligent
    You are abundant
    I am abundant
    You are understanding
    I am understanding
    You are who you are becoming
    I am who I am becoming
    You are becoming that
    I am becoming that
    You are that I am
    I am that I am
    You are that
    I am that
    You are
    I am


  6. i overdosed n ended up in the pit in hell and Jesus rescued me out of there then i cried out to Jesus for help and saw the cross Jesus heart break under sin and the enemy run in terror then as i percieved the Lamb my soul transformed into a lamb he healed me of the posttraumatic stress i got from going to hell