A & Ω Productions | – The TRUTH about SATAN! He really FEARS you will watch and discover this video!

The world have keept this hidden from us since the dawn of time!
The Devil is real and he doesn’t want you to know this.

Speaker: David Pawson
Outro Music: Where I Belong-Building 429

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A & Ω Productions A & Ω Productions The main purpose of this Channel is to share the gospel with as many ppl as possible, uncensored and in spirit & truth. The content you will watch on this channel is very wide, but the frames are simple, the Bible and nothing else. Sorry, you will NOT find any Prosperity teachings or anything near that on this channel! I Upload weekly videos and this channel's goal is to encourage and spread the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ. By subscribing you help this channel to grow and reach out to even more people that are in need of THE Saviour!

Comment (47)

  1. Jesus never said satan is the God of this world. It's not in the bible. So before replying to me with your opinion, don't. If you want to prove me wrong, write what chapter and verse, jesus said, satan is the God of this world.

  2. My first video that I woke up and start a battle for our CREATOR ALMIGHTY GOD OUR FATHER against evil that soroundes us on every single step all the time.it is constant battle.i am struggling a lot it's very hard for me because of the influence from around us that Satan created.pray for me and BE BLESSED BY THE MOST HIGH.

  3. At 4:00 in he says He is a Father and He will not force any of His creatures to go His way. This guy is saying something cause it sounds right…
    When you trust in the finished work/sacrifice of The Only Begotten Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ.
    You become a child of GOD, the Bible clearly says that you are His even if you fall/ turn from Him. He will chasten you and if you continue He will take you…
    So once you become His child you no longer belong to you. So He does force you….

  4. Please don't clickbait and don't sell lies(not saying this channel is selling lies but it'd be wise not too for the sake of content),nowadays there's too many talking and cant really know who's talking the truth….

  5. Our father who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation.but deliver us from the evil one for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen.

  6. Thank you, u knew this but I needed a reminder. I have been not wanting to go to work. I just don't want to go to work, wear a mask, go a long like everything its ok. I work at a middle school and teach history and life skills when I want to talk about God. It's so hard to not to do what's in your heart. I'm praying for all of us please keep me and prayer.

  7. Earth is the material world Satan/the devil's kingdom. Our body is in the devil's kingdom but soul and spirit is from god's kingdom. Repent the material world and Satan return to god and gods kingdom. Satan's kingdom is sin and death, gods kingdom is eternal life

  8. Satan is not god of earth but over the world. Jesus kingdom to come is earth. Please reference your Bible for all locations with the words earth and world and discern the differences. Make sure it is a real Holy Bible and not modified or amplified. Thank you.