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David was Broken over his sin towards God in Psalm 51

Speaker: Voddie Baucham
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Music: 3 Hour Soaking Worship
Edited By: Robin Måhl
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Comment (37)

  1. God revealed himself to me around 10 yo when physical abuse began at home.  As a teenager, my mother and step father were drugging all three of the kids with wine and  GHB so they could molest us without us remembering. 

    I remember making a conscious decision one day that I didn't want anything to do with women if they're anything like my mother. 

    I came to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my 20s but my emotional and psychological struggles continued.

    I struggled with Major Depressive Disorder and suicide attempts for most of my life.  In my early 40s, I got involved with crystal meth to help cope with the stress. 

    A few years ago, I entered rehab and felt driven to leave a church led by a gay pastor.  In conversation with the pastor, he refused to acknowledge the Bible passages critical of homosexuality.  However I continued with gay sex in my private life in conjunction with meth use.

    Rehab in conjunction with trauma counseling brought me to forgive my mother and begin to pray for her salvation.  She lived her entire life hating God.

    I had many visions where Jesus was counseling me at various times in my life but I couldn't see his face so I prayed for him to let me see his face.  Not long afterwards, I met God and Jesus in person at home.  They were both disguised as police officers and there were many hints pointing to them but a type of veil prevented me from recognizing them.

    Immediately before they left, God placed his hand directly on a cross tattoo I had gotten in rehab (that represented Jesus' strength and faithfulness in helping me through all my terrible trials in life) and apologized for disturbing me.

    Following their meeting, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to cast out a demon of addiction with an unpronounceable name.  I felt it leave my body.  The next morning I had no draw to meth use and almost entirely lost cigarette cravings after trying to quit smoking numerous times.

    More recently, I felt compelled to read Revelation and the warnings to the seven churches really hit me hard.  I vowed to completely turn from my gay past.  

    It's been a lifetime journey with Jesus, leaning on him constantly.  I'm now free of my traumatic past, free of drug use, free of smoking and free of the gay life.

    Beating gay people with Bible criticism will only drive them away from God.  Christians need compassion to help them cope with the underlying issues so they're open to the healing power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Thank you God for this teaching, everyday I ask for forgiveness of my sins, I have never fully felt worthy of His grace and love. Now, I think so differently and fully that I have the capacity to receive What he did for me. I thank God for the teaching,, I am saved, I am a child of God and I love Jesus. But I know brokenness is real, I visit there, but I don't live there. Thank you Jesus for this teaching. It has renewed my mind.

  3. Prayer is a weapon that can defeat the devil. Many times we pray, expecting an answer… and sometimes that answer is No. Many times we give up on prayer thinking it did not make a difference. I think we focus to much on the end result and not enough on the act of prayer itself. Prayer is an act of humility and connection to God. If we stop praying we sever that connection and give ourselves over to arrogance and isolate ourselves; leaving us feeling empty and void. Then we find ourselves filling that void with something else and potentially harmful sin. I am not who I should be, but thank God I am not who I was. I am thankful that God is patient with me, he saved a sinner like me, he continues to bless me. As my wife says "Honey you are a work in progress.."

  4. I find myself coming back to this sermon multiple times a week. Whenever I'm feeling like a failure it lifts me and reminds me to look how far I've progressed and to keep pushing, keep trying, to become the man I know our Lord wants me to be.

  5. Ive heard this message so many times, but it is no less true now, than it was the first time I heard it, more than 3 years ago. We all reach places sometimes where it feels like the Lord is a thousand miles away from us, no matter how committed our relationships with him are or seem, this is life as we know it. Let us not forget that the Lord is indeed the truth, and he is the only way to eternal life. To be called by name to him, is a blessing, and it's something most people will never truly know, or have in their lives. To follow the feel good crowd is human nature, but it's also deception, the Lord has made it abundantly clear that in order to be with him, and to follow after him, we must take up our crosses and follow in his steps. A commitment to a church, regardless of how wonderful it might seem, is not his way, fellowship is a beautiful thing, but we don't live in a time where true worship takes place in a temple or in a mountain, but rather it comes from within each of us, true worship takes place in the hearts of all those that love the Lord, and do his will, rather than trying to satisfy the flesh we all have. The hardest thing ive ever had to do, was do as the Lord has directed me to do, and separate myself from the world, if we don't remove ourselves from the customs and the ways of the world, then we become double minded people, and the truth is no longer in us.
    A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.
    These are difficult times we live in right now, but I encourage you today to step away from the world, to walk away from those things that are holding you back from fully embracing the ways of the Lord, to remove yourself from the world.
    Do not forget that our time left in this world is incredibly short, we are going home soon, and it's the next life that truly matters, we have been promised the greatest gift anyone could ever imagine, to live in the kingdom of heaven, to be with the Lord forever, a place where death and despair, are no more, depression and anxiety cannot exist, and hatred and anger are done away with. It's eternal peace, unconditional love and light, and joy unspeakable.
    Help everyone you can, expect nothing in return, and above all else, be ready, be ready, be ready, for our redemption does draw near, and in fact, is here already. God bless you and keep you brethren in all things, and to God be the glory in all things, today and forever! Hallelujah!

  6. I liked your sermon up until you started to condemn other churches and how thy do things. How thy do things is between them and God, you are not apart of the equation. If you see something that is wrong or goes against the word of God then you are supposed to pray for them, not condemn them.

  7. I was an atheist who believed I was strong and intelligent. I believed Christians were weak, foolish, unintelligent people who lacked the ability to believe in themselves this is why they believe in a God they can't see, hear, touch, or understand. And one day a strong emotional desire broke me, I wanted something I couldn't get. And the need consumed me. I
    did all I knew to do. My therapist told me if I didn't come out of where I was, I was going to die. I can't eat, sleep, work, I weight 98 lbs, too weak to get out of bed. I accepted I was going to die and I cried, and cried and cried that was all I could do. As I laid there, my bed was my coffin and it was nothing I could do. And I remembered something a man had said to me, he said no body knew him but God, he didn't know himself only God knew him. And I didn't know intelligently why i was suffering, and letting my self die, I didn't know why I was killing myself, I didn't understand the emotional pain I was experiencing, no one knew but maybe God does. So I decided to put my trust in an idea, I thought, that I couldn't see, hear or touch. I felted like a fool, but I told myself you have nothing more to lose. And my spiritual journey began. Someone asked me what was my proof of God, I said my life.