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Pastor Alph Lukau Pastor Alph Lukau is known around the world as the Apostle of Faith. A man of great humility, integrity, and complete submission to God. Under this anointing, thousands of people around the world have experienced unique miracles, healings, signs, and wonders.

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  1. God is sending his divine wrath and fierce indignation upon the wicked who destroy and steal from the poor in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. Money earmarked for the poor was stolen by people who are in positions of TRUST.

  2. We are the church without walls because God is a Spirit He is everywhere at the same time Praise the Lord for the Blood. Thank God for Jesus From when I was create in Mother Zelma Johnson womb. All that ever happened to me For 64 he. Etc. Is paid for under the blood I am new no longer bound God bless my persucutors. Sister Tiny in Houston Texas USA Blessed. So are our family. Grace abundantly blessed

  3. Prophet I believe God can deliver my family from drinking and smoking etc. I believe God for everyone of our family members . We love you First Lady this Ms Tiny. If only you knew God bless all your children love ones I love all of my love ones. Biologically and Spiritual family Ms. Tiny God bless everyone

  4. I believe in Miracles and in The Power of God. I DECREE AND DECLARE I RECEIVE MY MIRACLE TO DAY in every areas in my life where i have asked from GOD to touch.
    Thank you our Spiritual Father Apostel Alph LUKAU. I HONOR you.
    I give the GLORY TO GOD and Victory belongs to Lord JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.