Alph Lukau | – Let's Pray with Pastor Alph LUKAU | Tuesday 23 February 2021 | AMI LIVESTREAM

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About The Author

Pastor Alph Lukau Pastor Alph Lukau is known around the world as the Apostle of Faith. A man of great humility, integrity, and complete submission to God. Under this anointing, thousands of people around the world have experienced unique miracles, healings, signs, and wonders.

Comment (43)

  1. Wow 19years of blessing to the people of south Africa and the lives of many around the universe to my beloved father pastor Alpha and the flower of the house ma celeste that took the joining with daddy and the whole AMI family's tks you jesus christ I'm highly favored and bless to be part of this season tks God and tks to the team happy anniversary guys we made it hallelujah

  2. Awesome women of God on the time of prayers Thanks God our Heavenly Father for everything He has done for us all With respect to you my sisters in Christ thank you for this moment of prayers We all need to pray because without Him we are nothing Thanks again May the grace of God be with you all always in Jesus mighty name byebye ❤❤❤