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Arthur and Denise Blessitt ARTHUR BLESSITT EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION® 53rd year carrying cross. 1968-2020. Be sure to 'follow' for notifications. The Official YouTube site of Arthur and Denise Blessitt. They both minister here. It's all about Jesus, the cross, and the love of God for all people. Carries a 12 foot cross. Arthur Blessitt, Guinness World Record holder for longest ongoing pilgrimage/walk. Crossed 43,326 walking miles in every nation and major island group. His wife Denise, brings supplies, drives, films and shares how to know Jesus. God bless you, Luke 18:1

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  1. I text you angel Big Brother was so happy to hear the bell and Jesus smiles on you and through you . So Thats why my heart lepted when I saw you . Allways blessed by you my brother and most beautiful sight to see is you and your precious cross out ministering again. Love you angel May Jesus Make your knees new as well as that great heart . Give my beautiful sisters my Love God bless you angel and all His Blessings I pray for you all forever till we Jet and Jesus Loves you too

  2. We are always so happy to see you Arthur Our dear friend of God… Walking with
    the CROSS bringing a reminder to people as they drive by that JESUS LOVES THEM !
    Claiming each day Numbers 6:24-25 over you dear friend. You are loved !!
    Your sisters in Christ Estella and Lena

  3. Awesome!! We are having that kind of weather here in Chicagoland. Snowing one day, warm and green the next. Great QUICK message. When I look over my shoulder at all the seasons I went through when we were in need, He always got us through. Thanks for this message. Great ministry building up the body of Christ! Tim, Pam & Samantha