Ask The Pastor | – Free Will in Salvation? or Do We Give Our Hearts to Jesus?

What does the Scripture teach about man’s natural powers and will? Is our will “free” so that it can save itself or cooperate with God’s grace? Or is our will bound to sin? What does all this have to do with salvation and what does it mean for “giving our hearts to Jesus?” This and more in this episode of ATP.

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  1. John 3 and the story of Nicodemus. Being born again (and Nicodemus should have known what Jesus means by the phrase "being born again" meams. In many Hymnals they have explanations of The chief parts (for example LSB and ELW).st the end of each part the quintessential LUTHERAN question "what does this mean?" At the end of each exploration the phrase "This is most Certainly True# Amen!"

  2. Hi Pastor. God bless. But wasn't The prodigal son Spiritually dead but was able to make the choice to repent and go back home?? I would like to attend a confessional Lutheran church but I struggle with Total depravity. I agree more with the ante nicene fathers in that area.