Ask The Pastor | – Why Should I Be Lutheran?

A viewer asks why he should be a Lutheran and what makes Lutheranism distinct from the other confessions of the Christian faith. In a religious scene where all confessions are treated as the same, is there a difference at all?

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  1. Luther, the guy that did not like James, nor Revelation….the one that his views, of the Jews gave Hitler a basis for his final solution, the one that promoted the Erasmus view of porneia, opening the flood gate to divorce and remarriage…..the reformer, that did not reform….Now, what was that question, again?

  2. I really love Lutheranism, and as a non denominational I would really love to enter into a more Historical, traditional Church. My only qualm is the fact that IF Lutheranism is true and Apostolic as u stated, why is it dying/dead in most of Europe and America?

  3. I was Lutheran… now Roman Catholic…
    My family was very mistreated for my white parents adopting Korean Children… I would have stayed… but I am not German, blond, and blue eyes…
    I went to the Christ Academy at Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne in High School, worst experience of my Life… so much prejudice and hatred if you were not German Lutheran… most of these Guys were sons of Lutheran Pastors… Really is that Christianity… I was really appalled… that all Catholics are going to Hell… who was the Orginal Church?