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A Mighty Fortress is our God – Christian Hymns with Lyrics (Choir) / Martin Luther

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Lyricist: Martin Luther
Lyrics Date: 1529/1528
Translator: Frederick H. Hedge
Key: C
Theme: God: His Faithfulness; Comfort, Victory in Conflict

Composer: Martin Luther
Music Date: 1529/1528
Meter: [support us] /> Scripture: Psalm 46:1

The one hymn that most symbolizes the Protestant Reformation is “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” In it, Martin Luther proclaims his confidence in God and rallies all Christians to war against evil. Basing his words on Psalm 46, he victoriously states “We will not fear, for God has willed His truth to triumph through us.” Those persecuted and martyred for their convictions during the Reformation sang these words.

Luther understood the power of evil: After he posted his ninety-five theses on the door of Wittenberg’s Castle in 1517, he faced years of trials and persecution, he was excommunicated from the Roman church, and he continually faced threats against his life and his freedom. Other reformers had been persecuted and burned at the stake.

But he also knew “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in danger” (Psalm 46:1) and so he wrote “A Mighty Fortress is our God,” proclaiming boldly that “the prince of darkness grim, we tremble not for him . . . one little word shall fell him.”

Since he wrote it in 1529, Luther’s hymn has been translated into nearly every language. There are said to be over eighty English translations alone to this hymn, but the version most used in the United States is the translation by Frederic Henry Hedge in 1852.

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  1. On the Edge of Eternity

    The knights of old,

    With armor, shields, swords, and bows,

    Did yield to but one law told –

    That life lived truthfully is one to behold.

    Beholden indeed was the Creator to these –

    Warriors of such who prayed on their knees,

    Never shirking the responsibility to be,

    Humble before – God Almighty.

    They fought campaigns for decades on end,

    On the edge of eternity,

    With God as their friend.

    And from this edge he did defend,

    Welcoming those – on Him depend!

    He calls to us, even now,

    In each man’s heart,

    He’s sown and plowed.

    So take this time to think it through,

    For Heaven’s grasp is now upon you.

  2. Listening in May 2020 during covid 19. "And though this world with devil filled should threaten to undo us. We will not fear for God hath will His Truth to triumph through us" Amen.

  3. I grew up singing this song in church. The words are so powerul & the older I get the more I understand them. Especially powerful today in this world wide pandemic fear & confusion. God is growing my faith through this gospel in a song. Thanks to God & Martin Luther.

  4. This Great Christian Anthem should be on Loud speakers weekly at every Bible Believers Church and Every Sunday school member should be Able on command Recite it. If this was rewarded more young people and older would Profit greatly from it.

  5. When you feel down and out this Great Christian Anthem! which is sadly Not sung in churches should be the opening and closing hymn! should Remind you how much Our loving Father and LORD cares for us and the Evil one like Job of old that Coward and his cronies Need permission just to poke us. May this brief summary in Song cause us all in the Body of Christ to Rejoice and remember to be Thankful and Help those without as you can. Thank a brother in Christ.