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Westside is all about loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus, sharing Jesus. You will experience this biblical mission in our worship, our many exciting LifeStudies, our LifeGroups, and throughout our growing kids and student ministries. Our community campuses, hundreds of small community groups, and our local and global missions efforts testify to Westside's investments to be a truly missional church. Westside Family Church - WFC

Randy Frazee | – Mile Marker 4 Romans Road | What is My New Purpose | Part 5 Unity Triumphs | 4-5-20 | Randy Frazee

“Dear Lord, your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We take this journey together, down the Romans Road, knowing the destination is You. In Jesus Name, Amen” • In Essentials, Unity • In non-Essentials, Liberty • In all things, Charity Augustine, 4th Century Christian Philosopher In non-essentials, Liberty […]