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What is it about the year 2020 that seems to make this year so crazy? Coronavirus, governors exercising dictatorial powers, tearing down of statues, forced mask wearing, massive election fraud exposed, and on the list goes. Well 2020 isn’t just another year. November 2020 marks the 400th Year of the landing of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock, an event most recognize as the official birthday of America.

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Pastor Ben Heath Pastor Ben Heath. Ben Heath is the Pastor of "Christian Overcomers", a ministry that focuses on teaching God's Word, line-by-line, as well as bringing you the latest prophecy updates. Verse-by-Verse, The Unfiltered Word of God.

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  1. I'm guessing you still haven't figured out what the lunar cycles mean and how to use them? I just watched that video. The "Communists" are trying to keep people who don't understand science (or moon cycles) from killing innocent elderly people from spreading their germs around. Why is wearing a mask like a surgeon does every day so difficult? Their blood is on your hands -you have to know this. And I hope down the road you will be forgiven for your misunderstanding or plain refusal to care for others. Wow – celebrating the death of a RBG. Really horrible. If people did that to Trump (which they might be soon) don't say a word cause it's exactly what you are doing now. Not very loving or "Godly" is it? "Do bad things to bad people." What happened to forgiveness? Turn the other cheek? Etc. You're not practicing what you preach. I'm shocked at how awful religious leaders are becoming. And are in fact becoming the pestilence that is running rampant in America.