Bethel Music | – I Need A Ghost – Brandon Lake, feat. Dante Bowe | House of Miracles (Live)

I Need A Ghost sung by Brandon Lake from his live album, House of Miracles.

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I don’t need the smoke or mirrors
‘Cause I know there’s a God who’s real
I don’t need the lights to fool me
‘Cause I have seen the God who heals

I know when I ask I’ll receive it
‘Cause You’re not a God who withholds
I hear You say just believe me

I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a love that glows, rattling my bones till the evidence shows
I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a heart on fire that’ll never grow tired wherever I go
I need a Holy, Holy Ghost, I need a Ghost
Holy, Holy, Ghost, I need a Ghost

I don’t need a counterfeit comfort
‘Cause nothing in this world remains
I need something stronger than lightning
Flowing inside of these veins

Gimme the real thing, you keep the counterfeits
Something that’s tailor-made, not something that kinda fits
Beatin’ on Heaven’s door until I encounter it
Somebody tell the Lord, get used to the sound of it

Hey, had to get my weight up, purpose wouldn’t wait up
Stuck between my flesh and my spirit, gotta stay prayed up
‘Cause the enemy doin’ the most
He better keep that same energy when we alone
‘Cause I refuse to be a enemy in my own home

For Brandon Lake, “House of Miracles (Live)” is much more than an album, it’s the prayer of his life. His prayer is that every home in the world would become a house of miracles. Every heart is a hosting place of the Spirit of God, intricately designed to experience miracles. The songs were written to be conduits of hope for every person who listens. Compiled of some of the best songs from the studio album as well as some new ones, the live album also features many special [support us] /> Brandon Lake is a songwriter and worship leader with the Bethel Music Collective and a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in South Carolina. Brandon is known for his song “This Is A Move,” written with Tasha Cobbs — a song that won a 2019 GMA Dove Award for “Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year,” and was also nominated for a 2020 Grammy Award. Brandon Lake’s single “We Praise You” is featured on Bethel Music’s Revival In The Air album, co-written with Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham as a bold declaration that the power of praise changes everything.

Brandon Lake, Dante Bowe, Sean Curran, Joshua Silverberg

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Bethel Music Bethel Music is a community of worshipers pursuing the presence of God. We exist to gather, inspire, and encourage the global church toward deeper intimacy with the Father. Together, we express who God is and who we are in Him, capturing fresh expressions of worship in every season.

Comment (37)

  1. A ghost is not, the Ghost. Be careful not to sing 'i need a ghost' for there are many ghosts/ spirits around. And u do not want any other spirit but the Holy Spirit alone, unless you want to be possessed to serve the devil.
    I do not understand how u come with these kind of lyrics when you cud have easily made it 'the ghost' instead of 'a ghost' if your mind was sound.

  2. I heard your song and was put off by it. You could have easily sang, "I need the Holy Ghost" as you could, "I need a ghost". That sounds like you are invoking something evil instead of the third part of the Holy Trinity. The beat is catchy but we need more than "catchy" to save the lost.

  3. Hello everyone, these specific songs have touched my heart, besides making me happy, they have inspired me to make my own music and also a couple of covers I hope one day to be known to continue showing what I know I can give, thanks for your music, greetings to all

  4. "I NEED A GHOST" title sounds like they are invoking an another spirit. They should change the title. Plus this sounds like rock music. This is not true worship or praise music. This is some new age stuff. I sense darkness even when the song opens up. My spirit does not sit well with this entire song or title at all. . Then I look and see that it's by Bethel. Go figure. It's sad that as a church we don't even exercise spiritual discernment anymore. We just like anything just because its our favorite worship ministry or worship leader. Not everything is of God brothers and sisters!!! We are commanded to worship God in Spirit and in TRUTH!!! We have to worship God in a way that is pure, holy and pleasing to Him. Not in our own way.

    Not all worship will be accepted by God. Some worship is actually abominable, vain and a stench to His nostrils. While other worship is a sweet smell of aroma and savor coming up to His throne. Wake up church!!! This is why there is so much deception in the church now. We are open to anything. We don't guard our hearts anymore. We think everything is God. Just because they say the word "HOLY" that means its of God??? Why would they say "I need a holy ghost" and name it "I need a ghost??? Why not I need "THE HOLY GHOST" Who gave them the inspiration to write this song? Was it the Holy Spirit Himself or a different spirit? Think about that. Wake up lukewarm sleeping Bride. Jesus is coming!!! REPENT!!!!!

  5. Don't take this personnel brothers and sisters we serve a mighty God (YHWH) and the Holy Spirit is also God He is the power and powerful Spirit but not a ghost.
    Let us as Christians be alert brothers and sisters because there is a lot of deception yes even in the church and also in the gospel music industry.

  6. John Chapter 12
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    50 And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak thereof, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

  7. PLEASE CHANGE THE TITLE TO WHAT IS IN LINE WITH THE SONG. please do not lead people into a dark place with your title. I only clicked because I was surprised at the title. I am a regular player of your worship music and I sing them in church. So I know what harm this title in the video will cause. Please change to the real title " I need the HolyGhost"

  8. Is this on purpose lol? You sang out holy ghost but you purposely took out "holy" in the title? What for? To create confusions and conflicts? Or its simply a socal experiment, to see how people react to it hahaha. Unnecessary