Bil Cornelius | – Sadie Robertson Huff at Church Unlimited | How Can I Be Confident?

Pastor Bil Cornelius interviews Sadie Robertson Huff on her faith, being a leader in a world of influencers, and the best piece of advice she’s ever received. She’ll have you saying “whoa, that’s good!”

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Church Unlimited Church Unlimited is a multisite denomination in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas. Join ourselves this weekend for a powerful announcement led by Pastor Bil Cornelius, a great worship experience, and life-changing children and learner ministries. Our Mission: To take as many people to Heaven as we can before we die. Period.

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  1. Sadie you are not a Christian you a jezabel a real Christian goes on the street and preach against sin not goes On stage and talk about herself being good doing good dees does not get you in to the kingdom of heaven. Sadie go on the street and preach against gays and lust and speaking of lust you said you look at you husband on the beach you lusted man before you even got to know him your not a Christian yet don’t insult God like that. Remember I am not a Christian but real real real bible believe and you follow Jesus you because he is good you are still live in sin I follow Jesus Christ because of the words he spoke plz stop what your doing you are taking people to hell. Remember a poor man can enter heaven better than a rich man so what I am asking you is to give up your millions of dollars.

  2. I was done dating and only going to focus on the Lord. 3months later I found the man I would marry who also was not dating due to similar feelings. We became friends first 4months went by before we dated one year later engaged 6months later married
    6.5 years and 2 kids later still best friends first

  3. Saddie was asked, "what did her parents do differently that might of kept her from becoming a rebel?" Her answer, "her parents were genuine and constant about their faith." True Answer!!! Her parents are still married. A lot of these people in Hollywood come from a broken home. Statistics show that children that grow up with a mom and a dad have a better chance of succeeding- graduating, not ending up in jail and having a sustaining relationship. There is a reason God hates divorce. It's destructive!