Bill Johnson | – How a Word from God is Tested – Bill Johnson | Q&A

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In this Q&A video, Pastor Bill Johnson discusses how to test a word from the Lord and the importance of feeding our hearts on what God has said.

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About The Author

Bill Johnson Ministries Bill Johnson Ministries. Bill and his wife Beni are the senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Together, they serve a growing number of churches worldwide that are passionate about revival and seeing God’s kingdom established on earth. Bill travels extensively around the world teaching and equipping people to live a supernatural lifestyle.

Comment (19)

  1. this is needed ….virus was supposed to be gone by pentecost… we need direction to in the body of Christ weight the word. Also the great profits say trump will have too terms …please seek the Lord and follow His word for your life. Get your own daily bread..and weight all things by the word of the Lord
    Love and Bless you all

  2. I’m getting married next month. I was very happy to just be in love with Jesus alone till He takes me home. Single 8 years 2 divorces, never again. I have asked for confirmation( from Jesus) not people and both Rob and I are amazed. Again and again it keeps coming. Walking forward in faith one step at a time. Thank you for this word.

  3. If God's word in the Bible contradicts the prophecy, we can no straight up it's not from the Lord. Prophecy can be incredibly encouraging and healing as it has been in my own life-there was no question about it because of how specific and truthful it was. However, it has also been very hurtful and imperative that we rebuke any ungodly remarks

  4. I got this word of instruction and wasn't sure if it was the Lord. A week later it came again when I was thinking on something totally different. I immediately did what He told me to and it opened the door for someone's inner healing to take place. I encourage everyone to step out in faith and follow direction from His Spirit, and always give praise and glory to Christ Jesus our Lord!

  5. The Lord awakens a man of God one morning, in a loud voice inside his head he hears the Lord almost scream, "BUY SILVER!!" This was far afield of the man's previous thoughts on finance. While he was aware that "fiat" currency (paper money) only had value because it was agreed upon by the masses (fiat means, "Because I said so"), he none the less obeyed the command AND started research to discover why the Lord would say such a thing. The man tells his frugal wife what the Lord said, and she freaks out, to put it mildly. The man relates his ongoing search and how silver is drastically undervalued since immediately after the American Civil War. The finances are tallied. The wife wants an exact, agreed upon sum to be converted and no more. She does not get her way, but the husband reserves ample "money" for purchases. As the man obeys God he finds the finances multiply, like the loaves and the fishes. Silver will be "Tribulation barter currency" for loved ones missing the rapture. Abraham bought Sarah's burial cave and the field in Hebron with a small amount of silver (400 shekels). David bought the threshing floor from Araunah for 50 shekels of silver. A shekel = 1/2 ounce of silver. From before Abraham until after Abraham Lincoln, 1 ounce of silver = 100 hours labor. Today silver is artificially suppressed to equal about one hour labor. The Lord will restore its value because it belongs to him; "The silver is mine, the gold is mine, says the Lord of hosts." (Haggai 2: 8)

  6. Thank you for this snippet of teaching. It confirms what I learned in 2006/2009 of testing and trial.

    A Word from the Lord came unto me in 1995. It didn't began to be tested until I began speaking what the Lord said 11 years later!

    By the scriptures, I learned that a seed sown to us (Word of God or from the Lord will be tried) in this our faith is being tried.

    Father Abraham's Word from God was tested and so was Job's even though he did not get a rhema Word.

    The story began in the heavens before the Throne of God.

    Satan tells GOD, "He will curse you to your face." After everything was unleashed on Job, his wife finally says, "Why don't you curse God and die."

    He replied, "You speak like a foolish woman."

    Job came out victorious in God's Word over the word of the enemy.

    Same goes for us if we don't faint and don't waver… Endure ..Stand children of God.

    Keep your eyes on the written and ears on continually on the spoken. Amen.

    If you say you have faith, it WILL be tested. The enemy is going to see to it.

  7. So don't be like Gideon, although God chose him . Hold on to every word that you think maybe from God because you think the devil may steal it . So this is " testing a word " as we were instructed??

  8. This is so not what it means to test the prophesies . You must test by scripture. I think prophesy has ceased because the cannon is closed . I do admit that I don’t see this fact written in such terms saying it will cease. I would caution anyone who claims to speak for God that you better be very sure before you say anything ,because Deuteronomy 18 says if anyone prophesies and what he said does not come to pass then he must be put to Death. I think Bill Johnson is a Heretic who teaches the kanosis heresy among others.

  9. For the record when I say this I still believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. However, Bill is a heretic. This is not a correct interpretation of scripture concerning the prophetic. Do not believe every spirit because many false prophets have gone out into the world. Please test everything even if it seems blatantly obvious.

  10. I was tracking with Lana vawser Passover to Pentecost, the most incredible spiritual attack bombarding my mind on the one hand, and experiencing the greatest breakthroughs… root stuff, memories, inner vows etc. ONE promise stood out in all this I had considered too good to be true… or I didn't believe GOD was really SO GOOD…. that He would ever promise something so wonderful to Me! By Pentecost this year I saw myself in the THRONE ROOM receiving THAT promise, believing in God's goodness more than ever, emboldened to receive it! Later, I asked for confirmation and I'm pretty sure I heard GOD say "DON'T QUESTION WHAT YOU RECEIVED IN THE THRONE ROOM…. WHAT YOU HEAR IN THE THRONE ROOM IS MY WORD!"