Billy Burke | – Word of the Week: Ephesians 6:13

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:13)

Sometimes the battles that you’re in don’t go away right away. Some battles are 24 hours, some battles are weeks, or months, or a year.

God wants you to make a stand and let the enemy know that you’re not shallow; show the devil that you’ve been in Christianity, you’ve been in the Word of God, you’ve been in enough services and there is a deep deposit inside of you. You have more in you than just one Bible verse, or one sermon; show the devil that you are a locked and loaded believer!

God wants you to make a stand with everything He’s put inside of you – every teaching you’ve heard, every prophecy, every healing, everything you’ve seen and experienced. There is more to you than just Sunday morning church or Wednesday night Bible study, or just a bookmark and a bunch of sermon notes; you are an armed and dangerous Christian! “Having done all…” When the enemy messes with you, you have to make a stand with everything you have. When you make a stand with everything you have, the light will overpower the darkness.

Don’t be discouraged. Your battle may seem like it’s never going to end, but continue to make a stand. You may think, “But I don’t know that much..” Everything you know is enough! If you know the Name of Jesus, use it. If you know the blood of Jesus, use it. If you know any verses from the Bible, or even your own testimony, use them. You’re only responsible for the light that you have. Once you begin to use the light that you have, God will add more to that. Your arsenal will grow, your strength will grow, your stand will grow, and you will send the enemy running in the other direction! The Bible says, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7).

Even if you’re tired and weary, do the best you can to do everything you know to do, everything you’ve been taught, it will be enough to break the power of darkness!

About The Author

Pastor Billy Burke Pastor Billy Burke. At the age of 9, Billy Burke was supernaturally healed of terminal brain cancer under the ministry of Kathryn Kulhman. Today, he has ministered to the lives of thousands around the world with the healing touch of the Jesus Christ. This channel is meant as a visual aid so you can see the power of God working in people's lives. Use it as a tool to build your faith as God prepares you for your touch, your healing and your breakthrough. Because remember, you are just one touch away from your miracle.

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  1. We see that in Luke 22:36 Jesus asked his disciples to buy sword. Further in Luke 22:49 we see that when his disciples saw he was about to be arrested they asked permission to attack with the swords they carried.
    Paul slyly changed the Gods word and proved himself a heretic. Pauline books are gnostic.