Billy Burke | – Word of the Week: Matthew 10:32-33

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. ” Matthew 10:32-33 KJV

Jesus wants you to be dropping His name everywhere. He never wants you to be ashamed of Him.

Jesus doesn’t want to be your mistress or your secret lover. He wants people to know that you are connected to Him, and that it’s Him who is giving you strength; it’s Him who is causing you to believe you’re going to fulfill your dreams; it’s Him you put your trust in for your health, your wealth, and everything in between. Jesus wants people to know that through you.

He says in this verse that if you will drop His name and give Him credit for holding you together and moving you forward, He will talk to the Father about you!

What does that mean when Jesus talks to the Father about you? Favor! And all kinds of good things coming your way.

But if you deny Him, Jesus said He won’t mention you to His Father, and you’re up to your own labor.

You can have labor, or you can have favor. Choose favor today!

Drop Jesus’ name everywhere you can. Give Him the credit for everything concerning you, because He deserves it!

About The Author

Pastor Billy Burke Pastor Billy Burke. At the age of 9, Billy Burke was supernaturally healed of terminal brain cancer under the ministry of Kathryn Kulhman. Today, he has ministered to the lives of thousands around the world with the healing touch of the Jesus Christ. This channel is meant as a visual aid so you can see the power of God working in people's lives. Use it as a tool to build your faith as God prepares you for your touch, your healing and your breakthrough. Because remember, you are just one touch away from your miracle.

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  1. I was at your miracle service at Eagle Mountain Church in Ft. Worth and I smelled the very strong scent of flowers and then more specifically roses. It blew in my face and stayed around me for a while then left. It was not like some nasty woman's perfume, it was beautiful smelling and very fresh and very realistic like the most beautiful scent ever, but it was very, very strong, there was no mistaking that is was not there before, then there , then gone. I think it lasted about 30
    seconds. I smelled it right about the time those ladies were falling down at the very end of the service. LOL.