Billy Burke | – Word of the Week: Psalm 102:13

“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come.” (Psalm 102:13 KJV)

God is wanting me to say to you, this is your SET SEASON of FAVOR! It’s an unlimited amount of time in which heaven opens and God begins to bless you beyond what you can comprehend.

Things will begin to happen that don’t normally happen. When the birds began to drop the meat to Elijah, he must have thought, “Something is going on around here…” When Moses held his rod out over the sea and the waters began to part, he must have thought, “What is going on here?”

God is going to begin to show signs and wonders in your life and do things He hasn’t normally done, but it is your responsibility to recognize it and make it more than a one-day affair. If the Israelites came back from spying out the land, and turned one day of negativity into 40 years, then you and I can take one amazing day with God and stretch it as far as we can into many amazing years of favor!

This, however, requires you to recgonize when you’ve had a day of favor, and to recognize even the little things God does. Maybe something special happened, you feel better, or your husband got a raise. Don’t let it end there. Don’t ever think God is only strong enough to give you 24-48 hours of favor.

Begin to hold your hands high and declare, “It says in Psalm 102:13 that it is my SET TIME for favor!” The word “time” in this verse means season. Stretch it out and tell God you need more than one good day or one good week. Decide that you’re going to take an unlimited time frame to stand underneath an open heaven and declare that the favor of God is on you now, tomorrow and always!

Get ready for a new set season of favor coming your way!

About The Author

Pastor Billy Burke Pastor Billy Burke. At the age of 9, Billy Burke was supernaturally healed of terminal brain cancer under the ministry of Kathryn Kulhman. Today, he has ministered to the lives of thousands around the world with the healing touch of the Jesus Christ. This channel is meant as a visual aid so you can see the power of God working in people's lives. Use it as a tool to build your faith as God prepares you for your touch, your healing and your breakthrough. Because remember, you are just one touch away from your miracle.

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