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What’s the true message of Resurrection Day? It’s simply that Jesus has come so that you and I might “Get A Life!” And one of the most effective ways in explaining this wonderful message of Resurrection Day is to share the account of a person who did “Get a Life!” from Jesus, Pastor Billy Crone. “Get a Life!” is the true testimony of the earthly rags to heavenly riches story of Pastor Billy Crone who turned by the grace of God from being a former drug addict, Heavy Metal head banger, sexually immoral, male chauvinist pig, to Preacher of the Gospel. However, this message to “Get a Life!” is not merely for a select few. It’s graciously available for everyone who would call upon the Name of the Lord. You’ll not find life in the things of this world. You cannot fill that hole in your heart with drugs, pleasure, power, position, prestige, or even religion. You can only fill that hole in your heart by Getting A Life! from the Source of Life, Jesus Christ! That’s what Resurrection Day is all about!

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Billy Crone Billy Crone. We believe in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the gospel in any way possible to reach the lost and encourage the church to be watching and keeping our lives holy in anticipation of His return.

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  1. You crack me up. Your sense of humor is refreshing and the best part about the Lord calling you to teach, preach and witness; is that you handle and divide the Word Correctly!!!! See ya on the other side. Maranatha and Shalom!!!

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  3. I have seen devils evil entities.
    Many, many, times.
    You feel them before you see them.
    You feel a great overpowering evil and hate projected at your very spirit.
    That's what instantly grabs your attention.
    You feel totally overwhelmed powerless.
    And then my attention gets drawn to their location.
    They seem to be shadowy or just darkness.
    All this happens in seconds.
    Extreme fear starts to set in.
    And then Jesus gives me a nudge about what to do.
    The fear goes away and is replaced by anger.
    HE has me tell this devil to begone to get lost in The Name of Jesus Christ.
    When that is said they take off in a fraction of a second.
    It is very real.
    Not just because I have seen them, but the feeling in your spirit when they come around realy proves it.

  4. Thank you for your testimony. I have struggled with how to approach my daughter about her feelings that it’s better to have a relationship with her children than a combative relationship with religion in the middle. You thru speaking what God has had for us, though she gave her life to Christ admiralty by her own confession thru fear, he’ll scares her…made me realize more than ever she needs to repent and live a Godly life before them … she is so far from God I wonder if her salvation was sincere….
    Big Sigh…

  5. Dear Pastor Billy,
    I just kept saying Wow!
    God is so good and faithful!
    I have been encouraged by your testimony and inspired by what you've been doing and His messages through you!
    God continue to bless you, your family ,and your ministry abundantly