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The ultimate sign that you’re headed for the worst day of your life would have to be this. It’s when you wake up one morning only to realize that your family has suddenly disappeared. So you run to turn on your TV to see what’s happening and there you watch a special worldwide news report declaring that millions of people all over the planet have simply vanished. As you spy the Bible on the coffee table, it suddenly dawns on you that your family was right after all when they kept telling you about the rapture of the Church. Then to your horror, you realize that you’ve been left behind and have been catapulted into mankind’s darkest hour, the 7-year Tribulation that really is coming upon the whole world. But thankfully, God is not only a God of wrath; He’s a God of love as well. And because He loves you and I, He has given us many warning signs to show us that the Tribulation is near and that His 2nd Coming is rapidly approaching. Therefore, The Final Countdown takes a look at 10 signs given by God to lovingly wake us up so we’d give our lives to Him before it’s too late. These signs are the Jewish People, Modern Technology, Worldwide Upheaval, The Rise of Falsehood, The Rise of Wickedness, The Rise of Apostasy, One World Religion, One World Government, One World Economy, and The Mark of the Beast. Like it or not folks, we are headed for The Final Countdown. Please, if you’ve haven’t already done so, give your life to Jesus today, because tomorrow may be too late!

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Billy Crone Billy Crone. We believe in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the gospel in any way possible to reach the lost and encourage the church to be watching and keeping our lives holy in anticipation of His return.

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  1. I made a comment on Facebook about the Homosexual community forcing their agenda on me and trampling on my religious rights under the Constitution, and I received a message from Facebook telling me they erased my comment and threatened to cancel my account if I ever made a similar comment.  

  2. pretrib rapture of the bride of Christ is 100% truth!! Many are so confused on how to rightly divide the word of God. Many confuse God's dealing with the Jews and replace them with the church…that's one of the problems today…called Replacement Theology. We as believers are NOT appointed to God's wrath. Pray that you are accounted worthy to escape what is going to be poured out on this earth. This will be a time like none other! Until that time comes…pray for those believers that are at this time being martyred for their faith. God Bless…and come soon Lord Jesus!!

  3. The countdown has begun. The decision was made yesterday. Forty days to repentance, which brings us to August 4. Forty days after that the judgement. Which brings us to September 13. The Shmita. Who can say what will happen.

  4. Homosexuality is cool! 😛 People don't believe in Consequence. People Cry out for attention and acceptance so they will try to be Gay Just to gain public favor which is sooo sad. Face it… Homosexuality isn't cool its Gay!

  5. I love this paster – Thank you Billy. Holy Spirit has been telling me this Truth you speak of for the past year. People look at you like you're some kind of crazy if you try to tell anyone. The world seems to be getting worse and worse and I'm beyond shocked by the lies people will believe over the Truth that makes so much more sense. Things are spinning out of control fast to do with this world.

  6. The Canadian people did not vote for our current prime minister based on experience or smarts. Our young, good looking, rock and roller, promised during his campaign to legalize marihoochie. He spoke at a high school stating this fact. Between his looks and promised liberalized promises, Canada shot herself in the foot of which we will NEVER recover. So sad, but happy because it means Jesus is coming soon – all the best to my brothers and sisters in Jesus. Stay strong

  7. – this link will take you to an article whereby Lauren Southern, a born again Christian, whom after professing her Christian beliefs to the UK while asking for entrance was actually refused entrance, based on her Christian beliefs – stating they refused her entrance under anti terrorist laws. Christians – by English or British standards – are now deemed terrorists = Praise God for these teachings

  8. ooops…I spelled outrageous wrong…lol. I am stunned at the bigotry towards Christians. Such a small segment of society controlling the rest….   Speech it finds threatening? disagreeing with no threat of violence. Gay Nazis wow….

  9. Unreal….this goes against our freedoms….are gay clubs gonna host preachers giving a sermon. What about jailing the homosexuals for hate speech against the church!! They have an opposing opinion….and it is hate speech according to them. This is such BS. We need to change the laws….the churches have the right to say what they want to….and deny things that go against their beliefs….

  10. Wow, and now in 2019 sexual perversion even in the children is exceedingly abounding. The hate and bitterness in people's hearts is as well… Wickedness we could never imagine & to think we still haven't witnessed anything yet