Billy Crone | – The Character of the Church Part 1 – Pastor Billy Crone

Billy Crone, Speaker, Author, and Pastor, teaches on Bible Prophecy, World Religions, Cults and the Occult, Charismatic Church, Abortion, Modern Technology, The Rapture, and more. This is a bible based Educational Channel for the believer and non believer.

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Billy Crone Billy Crone. We believe in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the gospel in any way possible to reach the lost and encourage the church to be watching and keeping our lives holy in anticipation of His return.

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  1. Thank you and God bless you, Pastor Billy.  If you can, would you please give Scripture next week that shows that "church" (the building that we go to) is ONLY for believers?  If so, thank you, Sir!  P.S.  If you do that, I will make you some chicken MEATballs! You will think it's meat and won't even know it's chicken!!! : )