Billy Graham | – A Cure for Heart Trouble | Billy Graham Classic

How can your heart be right with God? Billy Graham explains in this 1989 message from Syracuse, New York. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (18)

  1. What a great message….

    The story of returning is shared by many on our planet, ……..

    ……………from the migrating birds, to migrating herds. It is a romantic story. It is a story of real life and death struggle, for many. It is a story as natural as life itself, presenting on the planes and fields of our world.

    Gentle souls, kindred spirits, those of like mind….

    there is a way,…. emerging,…

    in our science. Where the words become easy, the tone, soft and reassuring, yet stern, in truth. Where one principle defines all that we see….

    In a new science, today, we see this one principle define all atomic interaction, and scientific measures of old fall by the wayside,….
    All things are understood to communicate, to then create "something from nothing…" where we find then, God, in nature.

    Here, nothing truly collides…. and we may surrender our old notions like gravity and electromagnetism and strong and weak forces, or nuclear forces,
    and understand them to be but stories… in an emerging understanding of just how this one principle defines nature; in Robust entanglement. It was the very unique distance itself, involved in each communication or entanglement, that contributed to the field formed, that tricked us, and that made us blind to nature's true form for so long. Here do we see spirals form in nature. Here do we see black holes forming at center of galaxies. Here do we see bicameral presences form in our living systems.

    No more do we understand things to collide. Our kinetic world fades into some great understanding of elastic communications producing four species of new energy, forming freely; that we would now enter a time of great abundance; that we would enter an age of plenty.

    And in this new age do we redefine our mathematics, or symbolic language. Much of this is beyond the scope of simple texts such as we provide here.
    But it is important to recognize that in this new science, a whole new physics combined in a whole new symbolic language, holds up religion to greater scrutiny than ever before.

    Religion becomes that sophistication of science. Truly. Yet how? Why?

    Our observations in science have failed us. In a most famous experiment, called the double slit experiment, we see that the researcher, or observer, actually affects the outcomes of the experiment, or "observation." We are lost. And yet we have been lost for quite some time.

    Faith, so defined in our religions, becomes that true form of observation, whereby the observer, may detect and determine the outcomes as contributed by nature, and affected by the observer. In this place do we see ONE FORM of most equations, attempting to describe nature in this now old world kinetic understanding. In this place do we see but ONE PRINCIPLE, to define ALL atomic interaction.

    Here, in our symbolic language do we rewrite our mathematics. We understand all things to be describable in two ways, with character & reference. YOU understand this to be the Christian Cross. As one direction does not contribute to the direction of the other. Yet here do we see the planks separated by some unique distance. In our nature, our universe, we see that the communications that occur, define four new forms of energy, or four forms of elastic communications called fine structures. Each one building on, building within, the other, until we reach that place where a gentle shifting occurs, back and forth, back and forth. Here do we define LIFE ITSELF. And, here do we see life build its' noticeable character, displaying bicameral or bipedal etc.. presences, in two eyes, ears… etc….YOU CALL THIS Holy Spirit. Science calls it kinetic effect, quaternary fine structure fields formed in robust entanglement.

    Energy flows, akin to water flowing through a stream, in every atomic interaction. Should we recognize within ourselves this quaternary fine structure creating a gentle shifting within, we would recognize God, in nature, and sense truly, our connection to all things great and small; we would feel the great abundance that is upon us, as energy flows … literally created from nothing, as symmetries form and find one another.

    The energy that flows within me, … flows within you. Each of us. Faith defines that ability to observe just what is occurring within. From a more technical description, faith becomes that ability to observe, born from the shear difference in rates of speed that an "instant" process, such as Robust Entanglement provides, with giant systems of Robust Entanglements, that occur then obviously, much slower. Here, within many living systems, we see the cerebrum apparently breathing back and forth, back and forth, mimicking the more natural understanding of this fourth or quaternary fine structure, shifting field.

    It is here, in this gentle shifting or breathing, of the cerebrum, does man develop incorrectly, our notions of dichotomies, as dichotomies do not exist in nature. Here, in this gentle shifting presence, do we misunderstand our "nirvana" or temple providing experiences of transcendentalism. And it is here, in this gentle shifting presence, achieved cerebrally in great awareness and understanding of truth in nature, in some new understanding of FAITH, in our religions, that we find our connections to all things great and small, and how we contribute then to all things, great and small.

    Walk with me now in light of this wonderful new understanding of God, in nature, of Faith, contributing to the sophistication of science and emerge to find societies problems solved, societies pollutions of oceans, waterways, land Masses, climate, SOLVED.

    Gently I say, walk with me. For though we do not accept in this new light, fear, nor possessions, nor parable, nor depictions of gruesome death, we walk away in great understanding of our connection to one another, to all things, into an age of great abundance and plenty. We were never meant to be meek. And though it will be the meek that inherit this new age, as we Kindly collect many naughty folks who have betrayed societies in recent months and in the past few hundred years. Here we speak of people like the one's spoken and written of in books like Peter Phillips' "Power Elite…" Here do we speak of people like those that populate our legislative bodies, our congress, our judicial branches, our executive branches, our medias, our clandestine agencies, our contractors within these clandestine markets, our wall street folks, and more. Whole families, defined by such wealth and power as to have contributed to unconscionable sums of suffering, the likes of which our world has never seen. And in such profane egotism. Woe to the naughty. Woe to them.

    Walk with me. That we would speak of things to come. That we would speak of things like SIN, define SIN, remove SIN,… and more. And rejoice.

    kind regards,

    independent researcher, theoretical & applied physics
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