Billy Graham | – Born Again | Billy Graham Classic

Religion is not enough—you must be born again. Billy Graham explains how you can be transformed by Christ in this 1984 message from Liverpool, England. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (42)

  1. Billy Graham was sent to the Earth for a reason to teach us he show us how to walk with God reborn again my friend as I look up and say thank you Lord for a blessing this man thank you Jesus thank you Father

  2. Jesus Christ said be happy and at peace with your self forgive yourself and forgive others to be forgiven don't let the devil Rob you of your joy and peace for he has come too steal kill destroy who he can and Satan Is a lior that your sins can't be forgiven but they can Jesus Christ paid the price for all men kind and women kind I'm a full for Jesus Christ that's right glory to God I'm not afraid of Satan and his demons or his works but I fear the living god and sin because I wanna enter the kingdom of God theirs power in the word of God and truth don't deny him Jesus Christ said you deny me I deny you when I come back from heaven and the Angels to destroy the devil and his works and all who worship the beast Satan verly I say unto you run to Jesus Christ like s child runs to his mom or daddy and his mom or daddy gives him a hug so is it with god when one sinner repents theirs joy in heaven god hates the sin but loves the sinners when they repent in Jesus Christ name

  3. God , his presence his holy spirit , his angels his right hand and light be with us all in times of joy and battle. May we stand with boldness , courage's and with out fear. Whom shall we fear for god our creator goes with us and he his word will never change. Satan has been defeated. No matter what , we will go home are we will remain and god willing we will carry out God's will

  4. God's love is for all people. Love , be like our creator and trust always in our Lord . He see and knows all, he will never leave nor forsake us in joy and battle . God will take us home when he is ready , are we will love and live and be not of the world but the light

  5. Dear God I'm sinner
    I'm sorry for my sin
    I want turn from my sin
    I believe Jesus Christ is your son
    I believe he died for my sin
    And you raised him to life
    I want to trust him as my savior
    And follow him as lord
    From this day forward forevermore Jesus
    I put my trust in you and I surrender in my life to you
    Please come into my life and fill me with your holy Spirit and I pray this in the name of Jesus amen amen