Billy Graham | – Building Relationships | Billy Graham Classic

Because of modern technology, the whole world has become our neighborhood. Billy Graham talks about loving those who are different than you in this 1983 message from Tacoma, Washington. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Much more than Crusades, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is reaching more people than ever before through innovative ministries and global outreach projects.

Comment (40)

  1. i wish I had listend his preaching 20 years ago, but Praise the Lord, they r recorded and are as real as if he is speaking right infront of me and i am sitting at his feet. better late then never, what a Man! Sameritain woman said,"come and see a Man"

  2. we need the living Christ in this world..and preachings like these to serve as wake- up calls..Billy Graham teaches the Word..what God is not a choice..God expects it in His Word..and dr Graham so clearly spells out the TRUTH..NOT HIS OWN OPINION..BUT THE WORD OF GOD , AS IT IS WRITTEN..