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“The Gospel of Christ has no meaning unless it is applied to our fellow man who hurts and is in need.”

Hear Billy Graham talk about loving your neighbors—even those with different views and backgrounds—in this 1983 message from Tacoma, Washington. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Much more than Crusades, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is reaching more people than ever before through innovative ministries and global outreach projects.

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  1. The Man is a Personal Sent messenger from the Lord…Courage faith sold out stadium in many states and countries nations there will never be another Billy with the anointing he had Yeshua will come back before this… #1 reason he had stadiums is because his eagerness & True Love Love for Yeshua Jesus CHRIST and His Character was Geniunlty Excitedly Eager & Love for others to seriously Learn The Love love Yeshuas truth and Love he have for us!!!!!!!

  2. he is out here preaching to every one else, didn't his own son smoke, didn't his own daughter have a child out of wedlock………….so he is fervently "preaching the gospel to the world" but his own household is lost? its absurd doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever????????????

  3. so you see hundreds of people coming forward…………………how many actually are still following Jesus?…… does not make any sense, how can you preach to others when you have neglected your own children and wife? it makes not sense

  4. he ignored the need of his own family, his son was addicted to nicotine and his own daughter had a child out of wedlock, how does a well respected evangelist produce prodicals? makes no sense? wasn't he supposed to produce followers of Jesus?

  5. Something stinks and is not right here! what happened to all the money they collected and where did it go? also no man is infallable…………..i dont care who he thinks he is………………….go the feeling many were dupped and can you condemn other families for not getting it right, and accuse them of not raising their children right, when your own children turn out addicted to tabacco and have a child out of wedlock? doesn't make sense……………sounds a bit like hypocracy to me……….

  6. What a great message. Billy Graham is so inspirational. What a great sermon.

    Would that we would come to understand the many influences placed in our lives in these times of great greed and economic expansion, now contracting by design. Would that we would so to recognize the great corruption present in today's economies, wrought with great collusion and conspiracy. We might come to recognize simply that a corporate form of performing our business activities allows those from afar, from a distance, to control our local economies, to control our federal policies. We might come to realize that business practices would flourish, in the absence of this corporate form.

    Would that we would to so recognize that the hierarchies of power corrupt good societies; that it is not the forms of government that corrupt, but merely the direction of power, from top to bottom. Let us now to realize a great restructuring of power in all governments worldwide. That those in positions of historic power, might then only to become spokespersons, for the people, with a new found power above all others, to then place votes for policy.

    Would we to realize a great power of the people to gather the naughty together in some great judgment of crimes against humanity. Let us to gather our media personnel, our clandestine agency personnel, our legislators, senators, our judicial representatives and judges. Let us to gather our Wall Street folks, and our banking folks and folks employed in offices of president, of Vice Presidents of boards of our energy companies and drug companies. Let us to gather up all the naughty few, colluding and corrupting all that we do, that we would have no fresh water, no clean air, no safe climate, no safe food. And let us to gather them in stocks, that they would appear on display for all to see, in some public square. And let us begin this great judgment.

    Kind regards,

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    theoretical & applied physics
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