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This year is full of crucial choices. But none are more important than the decision you make about Christ. If you’re struggling with indecision, listen to Billy Graham’s 1981 message from San Jose, California. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Greetings to all mankind tonight 10 12 20 20 from Michigan We Are All God's Children he made each and every one of us special and unique each of us it is truly an amazing feat everyday I am grateful to be alive and to be a part of this magnificent planet we all call home thank you mister Billy Graham 4 another wonderful message I enjoy watching all your messages

  2. Yeshua ( JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD TODAY ) ABOVE HIM THERE'S NO OTHER JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY THE TRUTH & THE LIFE !!! … John 14 : 6 KJV ( King James Version ) … JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !!! ( 2020 ) … David Wharehinga : Street Evangelist : Wings Of Eagles Evangelical Ministries , South Auckland , New Zealand ( 2010 ) In Memory Of Brother Terry Tauakume , Elijah … Evangelist , Teacher !!! …

  3. There's No Other Evangelist Who Has There Name On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Like Dr Billy Graham ( Evangelist , Teacher , Pastor , Apostle , Prophet ) Bless Pastor Franklin & William Graham & The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association … JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !!! ( 2020 ) …

  4. I am a, South Aftican…. but have such a, unexplained Interest in Your Presd, Trump winning again….. it's like I can see in the furure regarding the profesies, in the Bible and the arrival of the Anti Christ who will take over the whole world. and will try and anniaite Israel.and the left over unbelievers after the Rapture. I clearly see Pres, Trumps role in the final chapter before Jesus comes, again.. MWho else but Rrump will bring more countries of the Middle East to sign that terrible final treaty with Israel before all Hell breaks loose and A, christ proclaimed himself God
    So I urge Americans to vote TRUMP… Do not look at his faults. Look at him the Profesies, way… He, s, God's man…. Also he can prevent abortions where baby, get murdered by their own mothers in the womb.. These mothers will have to stand before God one day…
    Pres Trump is the only strong man in America in the political area in your country…. Moses, killed a Egyptian… but he was, strong and God needed hi
    King David did wrong a few, times and also had a man killed because he wanted his wife.. Still God needed him as, as a strong man to be a King.. So… Do not count your Pres Trumps, shortcomings.. GOD NEEDS HIM AND WILL USE HIM IN GOD'S DEALI NGS WITH GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE… ISRAEL. BEFORE JESUS RETURNS SOON