Billy Graham | – How to Live Forever | Billy Graham Classic

Do you ever doubt where you’ll spend eternity? See if you fit Billy Graham’s description of a true believer in this 1993 message from Columbus, Ohio. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (23)

  1. Thank you. Thank you for organizing the recent march. What a success!!!

    …..Let me speak now of things you will not understand….

    ………….Will you now not walk with me ? … in light of wonderful new work in our science.  

    That we would then and now only to reject monied interests….

    Today, we find GOD, in nature….

    … find ONE PRINCIPLE to define ALL THAT WE SEE…

    YOU call it LOVE

    A new science calls it ROBUST ENTANGLEMENT

    it defines all that we see, all atomic interaction

    And in this new body of physics, of work to now so redefine our science as to make religion, the sophistication of all things scientific..

    Tell me now, why do I need denomination? (Lutheran vs Catholic vs. Mormonism vs. Islam. vs…..). That I would be made of Him, in His likeness.

    Gently I relate to this crowd,
    …Tell me now, why would I worship crucifixion,… gruesome death,…When we live in what YOU call LOVE, and in what science now understands to be ROBUST ENTANGLEMENT?….WHEN ALL THINGS ARE OF LOVE, EXISTING IN LOVE……. 

    ….and why do you promise life ever after, when we live on in spirit long after we shed our physical presence?  

    Gently,…. I relate to you
    Tell me now, why would I listen to your request for FAITH, when I was born in FAITH, reside in FAITH, live.. in FAITH?

    WALK WITH ME. In this ONE PRINCIPLE, to define ALL THINGS, in what YOU call LOVE,…
    Gently I relate to you
    We see and understand FAITH,… to exist NATURALLY in ALL LIVING THINGS. Faith, is the very existence of observation, born from the difference in speeds of interactions of what YOU call ATOMIC interactions, occurring INSTANTLY, across ANY distance in space, great or small; AND the systems realization of "instant" processes, naturally occurring more slowly, over some duration. ALL things, have faith.  

    Why do you beg me to carry this burden of guilt, of fear, of visions of gruesome death. Why?

    This is the narration of men.


    Let us to now reject monied interests, reject our material things, and embrace God, in nature, in ourselves. Let us to shed our fear and …words … words of description, and simply observe. This is the way.



  2. listening to dr Graham I want to yield to God more..recline on God more..believe more..studie the Word more..
    I feel so excited every time I listen to him..He offers us Christ..and I want to receive Him more and more..

  3. I hardly watch tv anymore except for newsmax and some local news. Other than that I watch mostly old shows from 50s and 60s. So much garbage is on. I can’t stand the constant foul language and using the Lords name in vain.

  4. Come, walk with me

    Let us now speak in terms of a new science, one where religion becomes the sophistication of science

    Lets us now hold up the cross
    as a true measure of God, in nature
    as we now understand the rod and staff to measure character & reference
    in one direction not to contribute to the direction of the other
    and that the shear distance between, to represent the spirit
    and in living things,…
    a Holy Spirit

    and find duplicity that emerges then, in the written word

    Yet how? Why?
    Let you now to see, to feel, what the written word can not possess
    in this trinity of existence of all things
    describing God, in nature
    in self

    and when we so to write that written word,
    we utterly fail in this attempt to describe this trinity

    and leave ourselves in some duplicity
    as we clammer to fill in those gaps that exist within that written word

    Were we to speak of the mathematics of this God, in nature, in all things, in you
    we would then relate that infinity, zero and one
    do not exist in nature, except to further this duplicity

    that all things are composed of a trinity 
    as spoken above

    independent researcher, theoretical & applied physics
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