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How do you know Jesus is who He claims to be? He did something amazing to prove it. Billy Graham explains in this 1971 message from Chicago. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Yes his name is I AM HE I AM.
    (தமிழ்.. TAMIL).




  2. I love to hear the Gospel with Mr. Billy Graham. It is wonderful to listen to him preach. Because of my faith in Jesus Christ, I know salvation is there for us if we choose. As I am not without sin, I pray for forgiveness every single day. Without Jesus Christ, there is no hope.

  3. What a powerful sermon about God and His total sovereignty. How wonderful to see so many come forward in with haste and complete earnest to receive Christ as their Savior. What a beautiful sight! Who can look inward at their weak,mortal hearts and deny His Holy existence? Every knee shall bow! Come Lord Jesus Come!

  4. Now let's tell you a story about a man called Jesus:

    A god assaulted, by a proxy angel ?

    inseminated a 'virgin' named Mary,

    in order to bring his son incarnate into our world.

    A cowardly action… by any god…!

    Mary and her fiance ?,

    ….Joseph, had to travel to Bethlehem to register for the census.

    There Mary gave birth to an illegitimate son of a 'god' ?

    a god put a star in the sky to guide people to the baby?

    In a dream god told Joseph to take his family to Egypt.

    Then this god stood by and watched as Herod killed thousands and thousands of babies in Israel

    in an attempt to kill Jesus. (wow!)

    As a man, god's son claimed that he was god incarnate: "I am the way, the truth and the life," he said.

    This man performed many 'miracles'. He healed lots of sick people. He turned water into wine. These miracles prove that he is god? Miracles??

    But he was eventually given the death sentence and killed by crucifixion.??

    His body was placed in a tomb.

    But three days later, the tomb was empty ?!

    And the man, alive once again but still with his wounds

    (so anyone who doubted could see them and touch them), appeared to many people in many places.

    Then he ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of his god the father almighty, never to be seen again….?? wow!


  5. Yes Jesus Christ is superstar I know who is He not by my understanding or any ones understanding but by Spirit of Living God Jesus Christ of Nazareth He is a good friend, advisor, and guidance all steps of our life He loves us unconditional human never explain it how it is I want to telling thank God for His wonderful word's and use His beloved son Billy Graham .

  6. Billy Graham crossed racial barriers biblically. He understood God does not want to lose "one" of us. Any of us can find ans follow jesus…"hes alive" and it is 2021….more alive then ever! Turn your life over to Jesus. Start now start today. This sermon is as relevant today as the day it was preached. Come to the cross today. Turn your life over to jesus..make him the master of your life.

  7. I find it encouraging to watch the Billy Graham sermons that happened before I was born because it shows how constant God is. As it is written in John 8:58, Jesus said "Before Abraham was born, I AM!". And Abraham long predates any of us here today or anyone at this crusade in 1971. Jesus is The Word from beginning that became flesh.

  8. Billy graham has greatly inspired me since 1999. May all Christians who believe in God. Pray for my. Daughter we are fighting. For custody. With my sister, and. The worst. Part is that she is unbeliever. And. She is in. Occult

  9. 0:21
    Me who forgot to bring my Bible because I was in a hurry to go to church: intense sweating
    Inside my head:
    A. Ask someone next to me to read their Bible together.
    B. Just keep my head looking straight down so Billy will think that I bring my Bible.
    C. Run back home as fast as the lightning and grab my Bible