Billy Graham | – The Greatest Revival in History | Billy Graham Classic

Do you wish you could escape reality? Get a new perspective on whatever you’re facing in Billy Graham’s 1971 message from Dallas, Texas. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (41)

  1. Rev Graham was a man of God who was called to be an Evangelist and he did follow God in his calling to that position. But now he has been called home to be with the Lord to his rest.
    I am grateful to the Lord Jesus for my salvation, and I thank God every time that I watch Billy give a call for those listeners to accept Jesus as their savior. Simply the most important thing anybody can do is to repent and accept Jesus as their lord and savior – without exception.
    Billy was also a fine bible teacher too. I have learned many things from watching his televised meetings, and thank God for all that He has shown me thru Rev Graham's preaching. And I thank God for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that continues to carry this gospel to everyone that will listen and believes.
    May God bless all those who find the Lord Jesus and share their faith with others.

  2. Jesus is the reason for the season! Give thanks and preys and love prayer too those less fortunate than you? Be that good Samaritan not thinking of your self but that of others. Like that person pushing a cart full of cans! " Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. Peace and love to all the world!

  3. What a dreadful fraud Billy Graham really was. Could the people attending his rallies not see that this man had sold his soul to Satan? No-one was more effective in promoting immoral, evil biblical doctrines.

  4. Please pray for my sister who is a victim of a magic spell, she vomits and cannot sleep. She prays and reads bible for her deliverances. I am waiting for my lord Jesus Christ my savior to help her.
    Brother and sisters in Christ please pray that he gets healed.

  5. Brother Bill do you know why the royal family wears those flashy hats,to distract man from the wages of their crimes against God and His children,hold to your titles thats really all you have, so Prince Harry is this enough ,bet you wish I just stayed with the roofing gig,better than a bootigiging verily verily it is,is it not

  6. I AM Lord of lords ,that includes land lords,all land Lords that wish to put my children in the cold I claim my breath from all who do this,and to all who have already done this in the past two months your life to my Father is now void

  7. To all so called wise men you are not making wise decisions,you know where IAM is, yet seek me you do not, rebellion gains nothing but wrath,and judgment, that a 5th grader could tell you, wise these regrets of the Father are not,and are not of him but of There master AAron and his Bull shit