Billy Graham | – The Necessity of the Cross I Billy Graham Classic

Do you have something to confess to God? Listen to Billy Graham’s 1988 message from Rochester, New York, on finding forgiveness. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (37)

  1. Reasons why apostle Paul gloried in the Cross
    1. it shows the depth of our sins
    2. it shows the love of God
    3. it's the only way of salvation
    4. it gives new dynamic of life
    5. it guaranteed the future life (eternal life)

  2. Hi,please Confess Jesus As Lord with your mouth And Believe He Died And That God Rose Him From The Dead,turn away from swearing, using God's Name in vain, decieving, Praying to statues,Mary,Saints,Angels…,lying, over eating and drinking, magic,selfish ambitions, laziness, working On Saturdays(starting friday night by our time)pride,lust,hate,gossip,cigars,drugs,video games,movies,anime,idolatry(obssesions,un healthy connections to something,someone,addictions..) and that kind of stuff, Be Baptised, Dedicate yourself To God Fully,Obey Him (There Is More Than 10 Commandments) And Trust In Him And Jesus

  3. I'm thankful for Jesus Christ! I was Saved 16 years ago last night! Living a life in Christ is so much better than anything else! Trusting in Jesus was the best decision of my life! If you're waiting to be Born Again through faith in Christ, then please consider truly placing your faith in Him soon! You'll be very glad that you did! May God bless you in Jesus' name!