Billy Graham | – The Power of a Positive No | Billy Graham Classic

You can’t fight temptation in your own strength. Hear from Billy Graham about men and women who courageously said “no” to sin—in this 1984 message from Birmingham, England. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Comment (39)

  1. A little talk with JESUS as sat on my bed preparing to retire for the evening. As he spoke dare not look up for fear i would see his face. He instructed me to look down at my body not fully covered. LOOK at your body arms, legs beautiful skin. They he pronounced tore the skin off my body, it hang from my bones.I began to CRY, he than said take care of her, i must GO to my FATHER. Not another word i than bow my head in reverence to him speaking NOTHING and hoping for his return soon. JESUS will not DENY his place with our father or allow our presence to come FIRST to OUR FATHER….

  2. ONE thing i must never forget because LIFE in Heaven is offered to me through JESUS doesn't mean i have received it yet. For GOD is who must say WELL DONE my GOOD and FAITH FUL servant YOU MAY ENTER INTO my REST.

  3. Praise God while I still have a breath Jesus I trust in you take over my life make me to be obedient to you and thank you for forgiveness and Mercy I will trust in God praise God in Jesus name amen

  4. I needed this! God led me to Romans 1 today when I was struggling with old lusts. I’m going away from home to college next year, and I’m going to be tempted by partying, drinking, drugs and sex. But I know the Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23).

    Jesus quoted "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God." Jesus showed us the importance of scripture over the flesh and the devil by quoting that scripture to the devil! Jesus is Lord! His love endures forever!

  5. You may also read the "Present, "a short text for free on the "Global Truth Project".The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follow the steps of Jesus. A life- changer!

  6. What a great sermon. Thankful for Billy Graham. Praise God for all those who were saved and gave their life to Jesus. Prayers for those who don't know Jesus and aren't saved. It's never to late. He's always there waiting. I love how Billy Graham saids go to church next Sunday. What an amazing man of God.