Billy Graham | – The Unchanging Love of God | Billy Graham Classic

God is unchanging and so is His love. In this 2001 sermon from Fresno, California, right after 9/11, Billy Graham talks about God’s love for you and the world.

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  1. We would appreciate it deeply if anyone could pray our daughter Candice 11 years old she was in emergency medical condition now she is improving slowly without surgery praise God she desperately need your prayers please pray for her praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

  2. But unless we are born again and Christian and not lukewarm and keep His commandments and stay true to Jesus when the battle we face is Satan doing whatever he can to stop us from being Christian, praying to Jesus Christ the eternal God, master we cannot submit and let him in cannot let him win

  3. So many people just walk around in their own little world's not caring about all the pain and suffering Jesus Christ chose to go through for us. Our sins. That those of us who are Christians are forgiven and those that don't have Him can have the same thing we do. Eternal life in Jesus Christ and that our sins are paid for

  4. All these tv shows today. The news media. Teaching evolution. A globe earth. We came from monkeys but came from nothing at the same time. The satilites. Other planets and other solar systems and galaxies are just made up to make you believe their is no God and you are nothing and meaningless and to brainwash everyone and to get you away from Jesus Christ

  5. Church is actually supposed to be Saturday not Sunday. The Catholics changed that. And why. Well if you look at the history of Satan. When he fell the Catholic church was his first to control and he did so

  6. All Hail King Jesus Christ My Master. My God. My salvation. My sins are paid for. I'm going to heaven. But their is Many that will not be because they refuse to get it right with Jesus Christ because the cross is offensive and demands a change of lifestyle