Billy Graham | – The University of Life | Billy Graham Classic

We all attend the university of life—and Jesus is the professor. Billy Graham explains how you can live with purpose and freedom in this 1985 message from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Much more than Crusades, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is reaching more people than ever before through innovative ministries and global outreach projects.

Comment (43)

  1. Pls pray for my family and me. We have been going thru much pain and emotional hurt. People have hurt us. I pray that God helps me to forgive them. Im suffering with health problems. Endocrine . Immune system and anxiety. My kids are making decisions for college. Much prayers for the youth.

  2. From India…Though u are sleeping under the ground (death)…Your speechs still has the power…I just wanna see more billy graham during the Great revival of the Holy spirit that is going to come…Hope u are living and enjoying your enternal life with almight God…Amen…Billy's name is registered as one of the revival revolutionist in the history…I am just a small boy but I am still inspired by the Message and speech by Billy sir…

  3. I wish I would've met him,but I'll see you in heaven ! U are a unique person, I want to preach the word of the lord like you one day, preaches now in days just talk about blessing, people needs to know who really God and jesus are and u were clearly one of preaches than spoke the truth.

  4. I wish I would've been able to meet billy or even knew bout him when he was here ,i would've probably became a christian right then ,but I'll meet him In heaven ! Thankyou Lord for this ministry

  5. This is a very Important Message . “God “ granted All of Us a choice . Freewill .
    You choose ?
    And here we are all are in the midst of this pandemic . Covid 19 – And it’s 11-03-20 . Let’s respect each and everyone’s . Choice of Voting . I am tired of so much Violence , Rage and even Hate ! Especially here in America . What Examples are we showing our today’s kids . Our Next Generation

  6. Thank you Doctor Graham. I was one of the many like you who was a part of the church. One of them who went but didn’t really know Christ. Billy and his wonderful messages made me realize. I have since truly made Christ my Lord and Master. I at least once a day come to you tube to watch his old sermons. I am so greatful for whoever uploaded all these to you tube. Amen brothers and sisters give your live to christ and all the worries and uncertainty of this world will not be your problem. No judgement for us, be always ready for at an hour you do not expect so will the son of man return.