BRMinistries | – (Clip) The Coming Antichrist by David Wilkerson

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  1. The Restrainer of the forsaken one (King David) is reporting for duty.

    He was a man whose tongue held no lies,
    For he was the direct descendant of our father in the heavenly skies.
    Born to a body of fleshy sin,
    Though what laid beneath was unlike the rest of his kin.

    Jesus had the utmost grace,
    Never being wavered by evils face.
    He was wise beyond any years,
    Performing miracles that would bring crowds to tears.

    A beacon of light on top of a starless mountain,
    Where words of wisdom poured out of him as if there ran a cosmic fountain.
    His eyes pierced through you with a single glance,
    Leaving even the most hardened individuals in quite the trance.

    The Holy Spirit so ever majestically flowed inside this man,
    Naturally people caught notice and became a fan.
    Students began showing up from every mold,
    When they heard his words their hearts were sold.

    Wicked men put a price on Jesus's head,
    He was wanted alive or dead.
    Despite this he and his disciples continued their teachings,
    Where on occasion they endured terrible beatings.

    One of the twelve apostles turned to black,
    No longer having Jesus's back.
    Judas Iscariot had done Satan's bidding,
    And it is in hell where he now is sitting.

    Jesus died on the cross to pay for our shortcoming,
    However don't be saddened for if you believe in him you will see him at your homecoming.
    There he sits at the right hand of God's throne,
    Being the voice of truth and love that we all have known.

    Satan's tongue is coated in a layer of deceit,
    And he tramples over promises with his feet.
    He's a being who is bound by deceptions,
    Whose very essence oozes with misconceptions.

    He struggles to look you in your eyes,
    For his gaze holds nothing but lies.
    On occasion he will give you his hand,
    But don't be fooled by his stand.

    He seeks to corrupt your heart,
    You would be wise to avoid him from the start.
    Seeking quick pleasures and casting aside love,
    He traverses this land with push and shove.

    Now Lucifer was once not lost,
    But pride blinded him at a cost.
    Disobeying God he waged war,
    Becoming detestable to the core.

    Today he is the ruler of Earth,
    Though for all his power he has no real worth.
    However most of us have still been sold,
    Giving into sin and becoming cold.

    Nearly everyone is a puppet dancing on strings,
    Marching to delusion for their unjust kings.
    My people have given into lust,
    Becoming robots full of rust.

    However you my child are the exception,
    So when you meet me don't forget to mention.
    That you alone have been granted the key,
    And before your glory they shall all bend a knee.

  2. Keep trying. Keep the faith. Your salvation isn’t dependent on 100% success of overcoming this addiction. Jesus never said that he laid down his life for all sins except addiction. Give it your best effort and ask God to help you fight this demon.