BRMinistries | – God Answers Prayer in His Ways – Carter Conlon

Date: July 6th, 2021
God answers prayers and heals in His way and His time. Keep praying and trusting for God’s [support us] /> #Prayer #CarterConlon #GodAnswers
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BRMinistries Biblical Restoration Ministries Inc. is a non-profit Biblical counseling center whose desire is to see spiritual growth as each counselee addresses personal hurts and satanic strongholds within their lives. Thank you for your prayerful support of Biblical Restoration Ministries! All of our content is made possible by you! Your generous support and financial gifts make these videos and our Counseling ministry possible. For more information on how to support our ministry, please visit and click “About” For more information on how to support our ministry, please visit You can download our App on your phone or tablet, please visit

Comment (15)

  1. Been praying for 7 years now for the deliverance and healing of my nephews (Michael & Gabriel) and niece (Rachel) as they are under a generational curse of stronghold (witchcraft, sorcery, alcoholism, unbelief, bitterness and anger…) Abba Father and Lord Jesus Christ I beg for Your divine mercy and grace upon them… Lord have mercy!

    from Pasig City, Philippines

  2. All things work together for our good and God's glory. My Lord delivered my son from several addictions 3 months before he died of a heart attack. Jason was a 46 year old man who struggled with depression and drugs. He accepted Jesus, got the Holy ghost, got baptized and at his memorial drug buddies came to the saving knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort, heal and deliver anyone who hope for peace. Admit your condition and confess your doubt, your unbelief, your sin and invite Jesus to be your Lord. Amen

  3. Yes Carter Conlon, tells you so true, his story of his daughter is so true, I know because God has kept me in his hand even when I was not so good. Yes God does it his way and trust him.

  4. Yes I do love Jesus, yes he healed me, yes he is working on my trouble's, every day he gives me the strength to hang on. His way not mine, I have a great need but he is working on it, he has never let me down. At night I sit on my porch, And pray and seek him.