Chad Veach | – Leadership Lean In | Erwin McManus

In this episode of Leadership Lean In, Chad Veach is joined by Pastor Erwin McManus to discuss culture, creativity, and communication.

Welcome to the new Zoe Church LA youtube channel. Here you will find the latest sermons from Pastor Chad Veach.

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ZOE Church Los Angeles ZOE Church Los Angeles. ZOE Church (Pronounced “ZOH-AY”) exists to share the hope and redemption of Jesus. We are passionate about the local church, loving God, and loving people. Our church is a place where our doors are open to people of all backgrounds. The Greek translation for Zoe is “abundant life” and we hope all feel welcomed, comfortable, and loved. ZOE was founded in 2015 by Pastors Chad and Julia Veach in Los Angeles.

Comment (26)

  1. Great talk. Great discussion. Nothing to be mad about, BUT… The space echoes quite a lot. Just maybe something to try to mitigate for future episodes. Love this concept and have seen almost every episode. Keep up the good work! 😀

  2. Love Mcmanus and Veach! These Leadership Lean In's are rich and valuable. The Church is bigger than one denomination and we need to hear other opinions. Next up should be Matthew Barnett. And Sammy Rodriguez. I'd reach out to the Calvary Chapel family … consider Brian Brodersen. Michael Miller from Upperroom. T.D. Jakes! And maybe if he considers talking to us little people, John MacArthur.

  3. I connect with this so much having grown up in the church my whole life. I left organized religion from 22-24 and that's when I truly found Jesus. Erwin's determination to reach the lost is incredible! Thank you for sharing!