Charity Gayle | – Charity Gayle – Endless Praise (Live)

“Endless Praise”‘ by Charity Gayle (Live) | Written by Charity Gayle, Ryan Kennedy, Crystal Yates, Steven Musso, David Gentiles
Produced by Kyle Lee | Directed by Chase Condon

Tag: Agnus Dei by Michael W. Smith
© 1990 Sony/ATV Milene Music (Admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing)
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  1. Is Anyone Else Hearing What I'm
    Hearing From God.
    Because I'm Hearing That We
    Of Christ Need To Come Out Of
    Sanctuaries and Chapels In Unison
    For 3 Days and Pray and Sing Glorious
    Praises Unto YWH.
    That This Public Demonstration Of Our
    Belief and Faith Will Suffocate The Political
    and Cultural Strife. That Will Rain Down
    A Cleansing on All Types of Covid.
    Our Holy Tears and Our Joyous Exalting
    Shall Be Boldly Pleasing To The Divine
    Of All Creation – The Trinity
    Yahweh, Yeshua, and Ruach Ha Kodesh .
    Our Daily Reverence

  2. Tears of joy stream from my inner soul; Thank You Lord my Savior for justifying me from my sinful ways. I'm so in love with You my Lord, my God, my Savior. Holy Spirit be illuminated fervently within me. My sprit longs for my eternal home with You! You are Worthy above all!

  3. Hello, well I wanted to tell you that JESUS LOVES YOU, and wants to transform your life, understand and never forget, you are very special to GOD, so seek the LORD, read and get to know the bible, because behind it, you will meet JESUS and you will understand that the love of CHRIST JESUS is EVERYTHING, I say EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN THIS WHOLE WORLD, and ONLY JESUS can change your life, your story.

    Stay with GOD, and GOD BLESS YOU!

  4. Halalu Praise God Yahvah (Aramaic-Hebrew-Acts26:14 [Rabonni-Aramaic-John20:16],Rom3:2,Gala3:29-26 Holy Name-Eze36:23-26-31 Restoration of Orig Sacred Name-KJV) Scriptures say NOW-please note Yahvah's schedule-timing-NOW-2Cor6:2 with Him a day is just a thousand years-2Pet 3:7-9-17-18,2:5-8 a thousand years is just a day or just like yesterday-Psa90:4 you are Yahvah's treasured possession-Deu14:2,Lev20:26 apple of His eye-Deu32:10-2-47-17-23-39 Thank you Father for opening wide-2Cor6:11-18 our hearts to Your Word-Hebr4:12 Will-Jn6:38-63-27-45 Truth-Jn17:17-11-16-23 Dear Brothers Sisters you are only visitors here-since your Real Home is in Heaven we beg you to keep away fr evil pleasures of this world-1The4:7 say NO-Titus2:9-14 stay clear -2Tm3:5-12-16-17 they are not for you-they fight against your very souls-empty words-1Pet 2:9-11,Eph5:11-6 the lips of the wise righteous protect preserve them-Prov14:3,13:2-13-18-20 righteous speaks wisdom-what is right-Ps 37:30 -29-31 knowledge-Mala2:7-16, 3:18 enjoy great peace prosperity-Ps37:11 -18-22 ruin in flood of empty words-Ecc5:7,Prv13:3 redeem the time-please note 16s-Ep5:16,6:10-17,2Tm2:16,Phil 2:16,3:8-12-18-20 together -Isa45:16-3-5-7-24 please note it does not say time is gold but redeem the time for the days are evil-Ep5:16,1Pet 4:2-7-12 Yahvah will never fail you-1Pet 4:19,Luk1:37,Josh21:45 bad company corrupts good character-1Cor 15:33-19-52 always be abounding in the work of Lord Adonay (observe not church religion ministry ourselves etc) ALL GLORY TO YAHVAH-Rm11:36-16-18 if a portion of the dough is Holy the whole batch is Holy-Holiness is contagious-Jer15:19,Ep5:1-7 do not boast against the branches-consider this-you do not support the root-the root supports you-if the root is HOLY so are the branches-Rm11:16,Ps89:4-29 your lines families descendants if you live a HOLY Life-Act16:31,Hebr12:14,10:38-26 for whatever you do for El is never wasted or in vain-1Cor15:58, Ecc12:13-8-12 Observe what obedience does-1Sam15:22-23,Jam1:22,Luk11:28 El says to Abraham ALL nations are Blessed because you Obeyed Me-Gen22:18,Prv11:11-4-19 for the sake of my servant-Isa37:35,2:18 I will firmly establish your priestly houses in Righteousness Forever-1Sam2:35-2-8-10,Zep1:18,Isa53:13-17 Chosen Forever-2Chro7:16-14 ALL-Zep1:18-15,Mat 22:11-14 Worship El in Holy attire-Ps29:2 clothe the priests in white -symbol of all Purity Holiness-Ps132:9,Ex28:2-42,Job17:9 victorious white attire outfit-Rev3:5,4:4,19:14-16 sanctified garments brought victory-2Chro20:21-26,Mat 17:2,22:11-14,Mrk9:3,Zep1:8 surrender renounce ALL -Luk14:33,Ps23:1-6 parties-Luk14:11-14,Hosea2:11-20,4:6 Know-Hosea6:6,9:17,14:9,10:11-13 Yahvah says It was I-notice It was I-Hosea11:3 YouTube video-Goodness of Grace-Lifebreakthrough Halalu Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday Amen Amen Amen!