Charles Dowell | – 4 Dead on Capitol Grounds as Veteran Loses Her Life

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  1. One the men tased himself and had a stroke or heart attack. She broke into the Capitol building and if it were you and I Pastor Dowell attempting the same thing. We would died on the outside of said building. Those white supremacists that died get no sympathy from me. Should have obeyed the laws….isn't that what they tell black people.

  2. In March 1857, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision against Dred Scott. In an opinion written by Chief Justice Roger Taney, the Court ruled that black people "are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word 'citizens' in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States." Taney supported his ruling with an extended survey of American state and local laws from the time of the Constitution's drafting in 1787 that purported to show that a "perpetual and impassable barrier was intended to be erected between the white race and the one which they had reduced to slavery." Because the Court ruled that Scott was not an American citizen, he was also not a citizen of any state and, accordingly, could never establish the "diversity of citizenship" that Article III of the US Constitution requires for a US federal court to be able to exercise jurisdiction over a case.[3] After ruling on those issues surrounding Scott, Taney continued further and struck down the entire Missouri Compromise as a limitation on slavery that exceeded the US Congress's constitutional powers.

  3. The religious evangelical right were demonizing Biden and some preacher's had messages from Jesus that trump was going to win the election again , but Jesus actually never knew them ,and never talked to spoke with them , this profit preaching kings, have been exposed as fakes , its come to the point, telling the Lord of your needs and praying directly to him , the response and connection is on your faith and your doings, God Bless,…….

  4. Hey guess what they just found out that this veteran chick that everybody keeps calling a hero had a hit list in her car Rashida to lee Alexandria courtiz Maxine waters And so many more…
    Holy shit they really were trying to overthrow a government There's going to be a lot more details In the next coming days…

  5. That Lady who wasshot to death by the Police, she died based on lack of knowledge, she never knew America is run by a corrupt Corporation and their is no Democracy, there never was, its a one world order run by the United Nations, and the people who control them, the Coroperations and the Kings and Qiueens of Europe who have never had any respect for the people. the French Monarchy usto throw their left over bones to the people, and the people was forced to eat rats to survive, in Russia they was froced to eat their own children, canibalism, and the samething is going to happen in the USA and the UK, why they have Brexit left the european Union, no human rights. Angela Merkel is laughing at the British people, UK have their Monarchy and forced to pay for them, thei had no choice in the matter. germany was never going to pay for them after they discovered they was acting against the German people. They said let their Enemies pay for them.

  6. I'm calling it what it almost was it was a attempted coup no need in sugar coating it, it did not work because it did not have the support of the military next time it just might!

  7. Please my brother, why I am supposed to grieve the death of any terrorist-traitor killed in the act of trying to overthrow my government? I love your ministry teachings and respect your opinions. — But this woman was NOT a victim to anything other than "white privilege " which didn't work out for her that day.

  8. You love to talk about how you have "the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, comprehension, & knowhow" but you stuck with Trump with his claim that he won and will be the next president when this was all over.

    You're trying to make her death about 2A but it was really about terrorism and sedition!

    One of the police was in critical condition and has died!

    Washinton, DC is not part of America?!? Did we really get free from the crown?!? The US government established Washington DC from Maryland & Virginia (Virginia eventually was returned their part). 

    You've lost your claimabout being a man of 'The Truth"

  9. All due with respect, as a man of God , your words are in vain . Your Justifying this evil that this mob has created. The bible declares, obey the Laws of the Land.. Please Humble yourself sir..

  10. Smdh, so if a veteran armed with the intent of killing you and your family in your own home, you want to reflect about the live of the dangerous person as hero! Get the hell out of here! You better start waking up and trusting TMH for everything and this snakes of Judah for nothing! Shameful to the core!

  11. Man this dude is dumb. He is claiming they were simply protesting and were shot in the process of peacefully protesting. Yet, he POORLY read that the veteran was inside, which is UNLAWFUL ENTRY, the Capitol building and she entered by force. How dumb can this guy be?

  12. Much has come out since your post one day after the insurrection on the Capital. Appears law enforcement was overcome by crowd causing a breach, the use of blow torch to gain entry etc. Seemed she met the fate she made for herself overcoming officers by mob on a federal building. Update on perspective is warranted after release of further info.

  13. Well… the last guy actually doomed himself, playing checkers not chess, the whole time – for the past 4 years he had major support, and a majority vote in congress, and had momentum to win re-election, but had he been just a little bit more presidential and less mob boss, maybe show more of the self-claimed famous negotiator, less ruler by fear, maybe a little more caring about separating children in cages from parents, maybe a little bit energetic about getting new health insurance vs dismantling the old and everything else from previous admin (remember his own marathon executive orders signing?), maybe a little less gas-lighting on athletes exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and peaceful protesting (simply taking humble quiet peaceful knee is an outrage in a free USA they say), maybe just a little less support for police shooting unarmed people, had bone-spurs not disparaged a former POW senator on his death bed, I mean maybe a little less demeaning & defamatory tones & rhetoric on US citizens, and a little more tougher on Russia, (he was tougher on USA athletes & actors & John McCain, than dictator countries), caring more about hong kong, but not about domestic peaceful protests,

    … maybe if he had a lot better response on the pandemic, or maybe he coulda shown at least one year of his taxes, just one year you know, just a little less golfing after claiming he'd have no time to golf from working so hard, maybe a little less derogatory tweeting, you know what I mean…and maybe if we coulda got a few dollars from Mexico for a wall, I mean did we get enough even for a happy meal, or maybe a few de-classified documents disclosed on JFK or UFO's, that woulda been good too…

    … so many things he coulda done, just think, who knows what woulda happened – the guy woulda probably won the election, but people got "knickled & dimed" on all the lies adding up, to equal had enough… listen, the election wasn't stolen people… more people simply were exhausted and exercised their rights to vote…. the last guy had the momentum and lost it , slowly but surely, over the 4 years – end of story – there's always 2024… who knows.

    BTW, did he even pardon just one Capitol Rioter whom he fired up and gas-lighted ? … I mean just one person? A few rappers I think? and a bunch of former employees & supporters paying millions for it … In the end he really didn't care about any of us-a … just utilized flash points to galvanize support for his own agendas, and it worked for 4 years… yet enough people slowly smartened up, to tip the balance… but alas, some people still hurt & lost in their emotions.