Charles Dowell | – 4 Plain Clothes Officers Shot at Home Invasion Houston Texas

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Comment (46)

  1. Art Acevedo was the police chief in Austin Tx. He quit his post about the time some of his officers were in trouble for big surprise shooting someone who were not armed and also another big surprise there body cameras were not turned on. He then gets on as the Houston police chief and the exact same thing happens. Is this a coincidence I think not. The only thing you can do is pray that today aint your number. Peace to all.

  2. They have done this bull shit for years. Just like they did in Waco Texas. They had no reason to kill all them people and lost some cops doing it. Democrats have proven to us there's no law and justice in our country and hasn't been for years. Justice in our country they say is blind what that really means is looking the other way while getting paid.

  3. Unfortunately I'm an Atheist so I don't believe that they'll go to Hell.
    They need punished while alive.

    My best friend is a Reverend so don't fret about me. Worry about these issues. You got a strike on YouTube for telling Truth!

  4. Pastor Dale, sadly this is what is happening in Houston and in Texas! Demon Kratz are taking over, chief of police in Houston is a Democrat from Austin, 14 judges are now Democrats having replaced Republicans, and look at Sheila Jackson Lee as Houston representatives! Demon Kratz are taking over in Houston and along comes the problems that existed in Chicago, LA, New York, etc. very sad day in Texas history!

  5. This whole story was a setup from the word go. They never sold black tar heroin never sold any kind of contraband or anything like that. The police lied about everything they didn't do a undercover buy Their informant even said so that they don't know what they're talking about they never even seen the house so the cops are all liars

  6. The cop that initiated the whole thing has been doing it for decades. AKA Batman has been manufacturering drug cases and violating peoples civil rights with impunity. HPD has been allowing him to do this so it was business as usual. He is a straight up thug and has always been one.

  7. Cops will get a paid vacation. More gun control will be pushed to prevent citizens from defending themselves from these and other murderers. Amp up the police state, rinse and repeat. The war on freedom, brought to you by tyranny.

  8. Cops have no business kicking anybody's door in…if you wanna arrest them build a case against them..catch them selling drugs on tape then arrest them at the opportune time…..NOT JUST KICK N SB DOOR N PLAIN CLOTHES SHOOT THEIR DOG THEN EXECUTE THEM FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES,ALL WHEN YOU JUST HEARD WAS SELLING HEROIN…The wrong ppl died that night imo..