Charles Dowell | – 72,000 Health Care Workers Fired In NEW YORK

They went from heroes to villains! It’s time to whip the whole entire system!
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Comment (44)

  1. Hey my wife and I are in the health care field and we are done with the craziness. My wife is a RN and I’m a EMT and we saved up to build a house but I rather move into your community and live the right way

  2. I’m glad I don’t have to rely on a “JOB” to get by because they use it to “CONTROL” people. Take risks and go the entrepreneur path. Invest in cryptocurrency and look for other avenues of income. This is crazy!

  3. Christ died around diseases!!!!!.
    God is Supreme !!!!!..pray forever asking yah in fcfcfyr4 jesus name if you should take covid 19?..algvgvgug5 activate. ..our faithfully walk outside of whatever happening aftrewqfctr4 because this isnt a surprise for God !!!!!..

  4. This makes china very happy. Because the communist party has truly stepped in and turning the country over to china this why biden is trying TO Deplete our MILITARY Obama told him to resign russia and china is very happy they are coming together and I truly believe Obama is giving the orders in the white house Americas biggest enemies is Iran china russia and the taliban they looking America is weak just like papper our allies do not trust aneruca any more due to the situation that happen in Afghanistan and leaving pallets of money 2 thousands of army vehicles 75 thousands total 45 blk hawk helicopters UH-80. 50 scout attack helicopters MD530G 30 military version Cessnas 4 C130s 29 A29 super Tocano light attack aircraft 600 thousands plus small arms 61 thousand M203 grenades 20 thousand and 40 grenades. 16 thousand night visions 10 thousand 2.75 inch air to ground rockets 2,520 bombs. Pallets of millions Us Dollars 30 million plus rounds of ammunition. Now you know Iran and the taliban is very happy America the world is against you and Israel might help but they fighting their own battles but like I said when a country turns away from their CREATOR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY THE LORD IS GOING TO LET YOU KNOW HE IS GOD. People best REPENT and Turn to GOD AMERICA THIS BIBLE PROPHESY Where your Enemies will rule over you read the book of Daniel and Revaluation

  5. Pastor Dowell if you Rewatch the 2016 presidential debate between Trump n Clinton. Listen to Hilary agenda then Rewatch both Trump vs Biden debates. I kid out not word for word Biden used every talkin point of Hilary debate against Trump. So Joe Biden never had a real agenda to run on