Charles Dowell | – All Gun Legislation Is Illegal It’s Time To Vote These Ba****ds OUT!

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Comment (45)

  1. Liberalism just does not work. It sounds good in theory but in reality not so much. Biden has been putting all of this stimulus money in the economy and look what you got inflation. Why can’t these democrats understand that when you put trillions and trillions of dollars into the economy businesses are going to raise their prices and then that causes a domino effect. Their are other factors contributing to inflation as well but pumping trillions of dollars into the economy so fast was not an good idea

  2. Amen, Biden needs out we need a black man in office but not Obama taking away are guns isn't going to bring piece that's only going to be a feast for criminal because without are guns we will be easy targets.

  3. Now that you have described all the problems about crime (we already know about) – What is the solution you are proposing? You have no solution. Then anything else you have to say makes no sense. Our world has rejected God, love of mankind. This is why people want guns to be available and legal to anyone. Innocent people being killed on the streets. Mental illness is now an epidemic. It would be easy to see a mentally ill person being nervous and shooting anyone. The responsibility on crime begins with the criminals. Cities that have programs to address criminals have seen a drop in crime. Police officers who go into communities to sit down with residents have seen a drop in crime. There are many solutions. People don't really want to have guns in their homes where children are being killed. They want solutions to the problems. SPEAK ABOUT THE SOLUTIONS.

  4. I was born/raise in Kansas but Got a whole lot of relatives in N.Y. alot them that's all they know, and alot of them are just afraid of "red areas". They would never admit it, the way they talk, when I would go down there, they act there's a klansman in the bushes on every corner where I live. They same ones who were the "because of Trump" or "2020" new gun buyers or now I want. Smh But looked at me crazy or insulted me for owning firearms way before hand. "You in the streets," "you in the military" bs. but they complain about police brutality in the news, which happens and isn't cool at all, but the point is most of them won't learn. Hell some them are still wearing mask. My aunt from NY moved to California (2001) now just moved to Washington (2021). Saying she could never be in Kansas or Texas. Next thing she's talking about is police in California commonly ordering people to stay locked in while home while they got helicopters chasing fugitives in their neighborhood. Mind you her and ex husband have decent paying jobs. They won't learn.

  5. Highest murder rate:
    St. Louis, MO (69.4)

    Baltimore, MD (51.1)

    New Orleans, LA (40.6)

    Detroit, MI (39.7)

    Cleveland, OH (33.7)

    Las Vegas, NV (31.4)

    Kansas City, MO (31.2)

    Memphis, TN (27.1)

    Newark, NJ (25.6)

    Chicago, IL (24)

    Cincinnati, OH (23.8)

    Philadelphia, PA (20.2)

    Milwaukee, WI (20.0)

    Tulsa, OK (18.6)

  6. Here's a fake preacher who obviously never read the first Ammendment if he did he would stfu. He's no pastor but mostly Satan deciple. You live in the woods leave Chicago and New York out your mouth. Talk about Texas, and Nebraska.

  7. One of the congressional clowns has proposed a 1000% tax on Ar15 and the like. They're idiots. Its just going to drive the market further underground for the gun runners who sell to the thugs. We're going to have Russian and Chinese weapons flooding the market if this happens.

  8. The powers that be will find it harder to establish their communist dictatorship in the US with an armed populace which is the REAL reason for their attempts to ram through their illegal gun control crap. Also, the FBI almost always knows about these mass shooters long in advance and allows it to go down so the fascist politicians (regardless of party) have the excuse they need to justify what they're doing. Well- I aint buyin it!

  9. Teen shot in Dallas for the second night in a row cop everywhere in Texas 6/15/2022 A gunman enters Youth camp in Duncanville Texas 6/13/22 Governor Gregg Abbot is Republican Texas is a Red state.

  10. It's bad enough here in liberal Madison, WI. Shootings and theft are on the rise. I have a 75 year old mother that doesn't want to move. Feel trapped..I would have bought this homestead in South Eastern KY a few years back without even batting an eye otherwise.

  11. First I want to make it clear, I am not wanting to take anyone’s rights or personal property, but there is a reason guns was taken off the street from the wild wild west, the Earp’s actually sacrificed their families and loved ones, in the beginning of ordinances banning the carry of guns in town, and today with what the politicians have done, well, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!


    EXPLANATION OF REASONING. Okay, at least here in the state of Texas there has been laws on the books allowing an 18 year old to purchase long guns for better than 60 years, and even longer than that for 21 year old persons to buy guns, but for about 40 years now we have had laws removing all disciplines from the children by their parents, allowing the children to be raised by the televisions, video games and piers, and for at least 20 years now we have had realistic video games teaching the youth that it is fun to kill, and it is nothing more than a game, so it is in my personal opinion that the age to buy a gun should be raised to an age where an individual has actually experienced adulthood, and has actually begun to understand the value of life. The reason the average age of our soldiers is 19 is because the majority of them are between the ages of 17 and 24, and the reasons for this is because at a young age they have yet to begin to understand the value of life, it is around the age of 24/25 most today start to understand.


    EXPLANATION OF REASONING. Why on earth would anyone want to put a gun in anyone’s hands who has had no training what soever, tell them its okay for them to carry it on the street for self-defense, without even knowing if they can shoot in a straight line? Since this constitutional carry has been enacted, how many has it saved? As far as I can see it has only made things worse.


    The classroom portion of the licensing process should remain the same, but the range qualification scoring should be made a bit stricter, when I took the class, on the range, I put the first forty rounds in the same hole in the bullseye, but there was them who at 7 feet away fired a pattern that was like 8 inches in diameter, yet under the current scoring process they were still licensed with no further shoot training. And that causes me concern. I would also ask that a drug urinalysis be submitted with the application to obtain or renew the license, I would also like self-defense insurance to be required to be held to validate the license to carry, if you do not have valid self-defense insurance, then the LTC will be invalid and you will be in felony possession of the weapon.


    The biggest mistake in keeping us safe from criminals, is assuming the police are there to protect us, and prevent us from becoming victims of violent crime, they are not, and this assumption could not be further from the truth. The police are actually there to investigate a crime, NOT BEFORE IT HAPPENS BUT after it has occurred, they are there to determine and collect the evidence of the body of the crime, then determine who is the perpetrator of the alleged crime, then to apprehend the suspect, and then see to it they face justice for victimizing you or me, THEY ARE NOT THERE TO PROTECT YOU AND I, OR OUR CHILDREN, FROM BEING VICTIMIZED FROM VIOLENT CRIMINALS.

    So how then can we ensure the safety of our children while attending school and in the custody of the school teacher? At tax payer expense, provide proper hand gun training to every teacher who is willing to participate in the security of our children, qualify them on the range to the same qualifications of that required for a uniformed commissioned armed officer, (you see the professional does not get constitutional carry, they are required to be trained) then give the trained teacher full police powers while on school property, giving them qualified immunity, and providing them at tax payer expense self-defense insurance. Thus, taking the security of my children out of the cop who is down the hall and around the corner, and putting it in the hands of the one who is in direct custody of our children.

    With what I have said above, let me point out, in the Uvalde Texas Shooting, two female teachers shielded children with their bodies, sacrificing their own lives trying to protect the babies, if just one of them brave women would have had a hand gun on her, with proper training, everyone of them babies would have been saved.