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Comment (39)

  1. Absolute truth …us women worked hard inside and out growing up starting at age 5 …no Joke and took care the men …Amen…..Im so tired seeing men and women sit in front tv and shopping net works and video games .God Help us….

  2. Please say that for the people in the back!!!!! I don’t think they heard you !!! I know my family and I are trying our best to stay the course. Because no one should be of the world!!! Evil and destruction awaits!!!

  3. With website like Onlyfan all these don't need to learn how to cook or clean because she's making like close to $15,000 a month the age of women has changed it's now about how to make quick money with less work

  4. I just feel like it really sucks to be a woman. I get he addressed the men but man I'm over being it I'm tired of always being attacked for something that's clearly a generational curse. Not everyone finds their faith on others times. Oh well I guess all I'm good for is sex and cooking. I mean I don't mind cooking and stuf that's not the issue but damn. We stay under attack

  5. Amen Amen Amen….my children are grown and gone and this is why I live alone. 2 of my children are disaster' and the other one is married have 2 beautiful children. He is attempting to acquire his own business. And my son/wife are believers of the Most High God. The Lord said that if you say one of my children then I will be happy. And my son is saved like I am can be. God bless you Pastor Dowell. Amen

  6. I appreciate your wisdom Pastor. Just like just about everyone else, I grew up being fooled by the mainstream, trying to live my life and basing my success and happiness on the standards that the world has put upon me. No truer is that saying "If only I knew then, what I know now". I know better now, but it's from listening to the few bold men like you, who tell the truth. God Bless you and your family!

  7. So true !! Close to me their is a native American reservation man they lost everything .. their history is so seldomly talked about.. I talked to them I also found so many arrowheads on my property that are thousands of years old natives lived on north america over 14,000 years ago they migrated in the beringia ice sheet last I've age tribes like the clovis and Cumberland tribes hunted wooly mammoth s and stuff . Those people were very resourceful and didn't waste anything! Basically everyone robbed america every race really natives lost everything .. before any govt ,law religion came in .. where I'm from Europe archeologists found artifacts in caves over 300,000 years old! Now Europe is fucked up too because rich are getting richer we live in the time period called the holocene … I also recommend watching alan watts – money ,time ,ego on youtube best philosper ever theirs a vid on youtube basically shows what's wrong with modern humanity. People back then dependend more on survival.. just even look at the Amish their society is way different than how we live .