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Comment (37)

  1. Thank you sir for the message. How can I get you to Baptized me in the river? I've been baptized when I was a child in church,but i really want it to be done in a river. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance

  2. Amen Pastor!! Many don't realize that the MESSIAH is going to divide the people everybody's NOT a sheep which he will separate from the goats!! Only ones the MESSIAH is concerned with is those who obey his ROYAL LAW which includes both Israelites and gentiles who keep his WORD!! Great message once again Pastor and we look forward to your wise counsel. You are actually Pastor over many people who are following you who may or may not be a part of STRAITWAY!! At the appointed time many people will come to you searching for the MESSIAH and his SALVATION.

  3. Probably no more of a painful lesson is that is of learning of toxic people, the need to get out of one's life & how.

    Lordy am I learning alot & that lesson has to be the most dynamic out of all the ones I have learned.

  4. I’m currently dealing with this right now with a wife that I’ve been with for 15 years. I know it’s time for me to move on but I’ve allowed her severe emotions to hold me back. I really want and need to move on but it seems like she has a tight grip on me…

  5. dr jill biden telling folks in mississippi the cov19 vaxx good for them go get it .. wtf shes no doctor shes a english teacher not a doctor i read it she cheated on her husband bill stevenson the rockstar she was a model also little bit the broke up got divorced in 1975 but biden was with her for years bill claim joe was his friend he brought him over well biden started sneaking around with jill… jill a doctor of english studies she got her doctors in 2007.. she worked at colleges some… the media think folks dumb cause shes dr jill biden telling folks to take the vaxx… no other presidents and leaders every tried to convince folks to take vaccines.. they using bribes to get folks to take them like in california vaxx lottery and other states fooling folks they get full vaxx they be enter it might win upto million bucks. also these sports games giving free tickets away to get it and other crap they doing like firing folks on jobs if they dont get it and also all medical have get it at hosptial i dont know if private doctors and private healthcare have to get it…but look up cern cern had events with worships of demons and i heard cern going unlease demons on earth its hell cern that god locked them in the voids.. now man got the keys from satan to unlock them they going use vaccines nanobots to send demons into people soon…king nirod and king nebbunazzar did it open cern they created with the nephelims demons to go into other portals for conquests. god got involved in both events destroyed both…sadam hussein suppose been incarnated king nebbacarzar had a portal rumored he had helped some ufo crash victims nephlims. he and his sons had a device to escape events they claim it was doubles they had, not the real ones. the real ones got away. it was bum in france that look osama but they claim not him also saddam it 2 dudes claiming be saddam one has suite on rides around with bike and gun everyone say hes crazy and there guy that cook food a cheif he look like saddam.. but i heard saddam with his family that was double they got… its rumored that not biden that a double or clone.. mike pence been dead from cov19 he was replaced with a clone or double that why he would not void the electorates. rumores donald trump been in a coma from cov19 the blue tie trump he just woke up in a army base wanting to return that red tie trump could be clone or double…trump in blue tie is fierce member late dick gregory said it was 2 trumps…blue tie trump dont play dick gregory said the red tie trump like to play alot…just like katie perry has barcode on her neck to know if she real or a clone..

  6. got damn president robert duranto of the phillipians told everyone to go get vaxx cov19 or he put them in prison you heard that….it takes 10-15 years to create a safe vaccines. u dont throw vaxx out with out years of testing them i read. now black fungus from india out and delta plus out also new virus the globalists vaccines going cure folks it only last 6 months you got go get it again over and over… dr fauci going say virus come from the earth…if that true no one can defeat it it keep mutating to a zombie virus like britist scientists states in uk where nothing can stop it. maybe that why god told noah he was going use fire in the last days to destroy the zombie demons, i think cern going invoke the vaccines soon to cause it with nasa help. why would anyone go take the mark of beasts 666 of cern get blotted out of god book of life….satanists running around fooling folks get vaxx you can go back to normal that bullshit…something they pulling pastor dowell its some plot like on movies every films on zombies always vaccines that did it..

  7. Kind of ironic, the timing of this video. I just got a promotion at my job at had to leave my previous department yesterday. Some decisions may look like selfish decisions, but nevertheless need to be made out of necessity.