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Comment (46)

  1. Damn pastor. I expected better from you than right wing bullshit. Every time a Democrat is in office republicans claim they are trying to take guns away even though it never happens. There was record gun ownership in the black community when trump and his neonazi cabinet came to power

  2. American government is turning on its people. Pure tyranny. A tyrant doesn't care if they kill their own people. They're purposely dropping the economy to take everything back. George carlin was right. They will take everything back and they got us by the balls. They want your 401ks your pensions your businesses and your properties.

  3. There is a video that shows the vapor trail of the missile that blew up the at@t building in Nashville just before it exploded. Look who's in charge of that investigation. Those pasty-faced lifetime agents with ATF and FBI. Those same two sterling agencies that investigated the Pentagon bombing. No plane hit the Pentagon. Also they investigated the Twin towers bombing. Where the crime scene was sanitized by sending the evidence halfway around the world at great expense. The Las Vegas shootings. The bombing of the Murrah building in O.K.City where the local ATF was found storing bomb making materials nearby. The Sandy H…k shootings. These are some desperate psychopaths that launch a missile that kills innocent people whenever they feel the need to destroy potential evidence against themselves.

  4. Lets not get curried away by the enemies plan. Ammo kills, and the Word says "do not kill", with not exceptions. I do not think as a Christ follower you should be encouraging people to arm because they could end up killing against the Law of Moses. Romans 12:19 says "Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.” On the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.” I know there are tough times ahead of us and the spirit of anti-Christ is upon us but the only fight we are asked to fight is the Good Fight of Faith.

  5. the election and these governors and mayors show that the constitution means nothing. Freedom is under assault. The tennessee bombing was because at&t was to examine the election machines and they were supposedly being moved to that facility. There were gun shots before the bomb went off and bullet casings found around the rv afterwards. the bober was shut up permanently.

  6. I thought we are Americans? The FRAMERS and FOUNDING CREATORS warned of PARTY DIVISIONS. You have the right to BEAR ARMS, which you have 2 arms on your STEERING WHEEL I hope. Those are the ONLY 2 arms you need. The 2nd amendment is RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, HAND TO HAND COMBAT. You might have a STICK, TWIG or very LARGE BRANCH that could be harmful but lets hope things dont escalate to that level.

  7. @2:04 How about we break up the 15 largest states, and break up the population center states, who are the monopolies in the USA? We can create NEW STATES, right thru the MEGA LARGE CITIES, who are inflated in price? I know some of the politicians have tried redistricting, which is not working. So maybe we need NEW STATES and get rid of PARTIES.

  8. Biden/Harris 100 day plan. Tensions rise Oregon State capitol building. State police declared an unlawful assembly at Oregon’s Capitol building as protesters attempted to force their way in during a special legislative session, with some demonstrators toting guns and others attacking authorities with bear spray.

  9. They say he blew up a center that had something to do with voter fraud cover up. Just what I read not 100% confirmed. And the news had Andrew McCable ex director or the FBI speaking on the issue. I'm sure he knew something…

  10. Biden admitted in the debate with trump he will take all fully automatic assault weapons by legislation or presidential executive order. The economy will crash under Biden and that so called black woman

  11. God has given each of us an allotted time to sow what we will reap in these times of hardship…..Folks, it was all in your bible's your whole life. Pitty for those who despised God and squandered their time. God is never mocked.