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Comment (42)

  1. The few Black people in America who is going to survive what is comig is the very few. I could no tlive in a society like that. There is nothing for Blacks in American society as log as Black people keep voting for the democrats who eslaved them and want to keep them elslaved without health care, and decet Housing.

  2. I am no rocket scientist, but I can say with cofidence if TRUMP don't win, America is the last empire to fall, I would like to see America succeed. It can't because Politics in America is based on family linage, TRUMP broke the linage hence why they want him out of office, even though he is great for the country.

  3. Pastor Dowell I love the way Straight way's Community work together. Like the way the Women are working together. The female Teens learning and not haunty. I told my husband he is a New Yorker that I would love to be in a Community like this. I grew up in the country.

  4. Beautiful indeed, now let's pray that the wicked one prevail not against this civilized and rightous community. Shalaam be upon you pastor and your your congregation,in the name of Yahusha son of Yahuah our Savior and Redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob.

  5. Well let's see i would love to prepare more but unfortunately I'm going through some stuff with my wife and I cant reside at my house at this time to make a lo g story short so all my money is going to lawyer fees. But I can say I bought a air gun for hunting so I guess that's a start . I'm also aware of what's going on in the world today so I'm doing my best eating right and knowing what I'm eating and I'm trying to teach my family to do the same. I'm so tired of being surrounded by all theses fastfoods and fake foods and nobody seems to care smh. For now I'm at a stand still but I will do my best to prepare for what's coming.

  6. This video is like an episode of the walking dead, but before shit hits the fan, and these people already know the zombies are coming. Even got Judith in the video lol. Pastor is the main character. The strong, in charge, man figure that knows what he's doing. We need more man figures like Pastor. I dont always agree with everything he says, but I respect him.