Charles Dowell | – Dinner at Pastor Dowell's House

Simply amazing, this country living is the best!

Please watch: “Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned”


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  1. Pastor    Dowell    I   am   not   even   hungry  but   I  would   love   to   go   all   in   with   that   beautiful   home  loving  meal   when   I   do   get   hungry.   Piece   and   blessing   to    you    all    and    protection   and   more  wealth  too. Hold    a   place   for  me    there   the   most   high   might   move   me   there.  Working    on   my   skill    so   I   could   be   a   asset   to   the    community.

  2. Man, even not in high definition the greens look deeeep green, tomatoes reeeeddd, and those red onions are bright. That plate look deeeeellicuous. Big up up to the cook. These so call professional chef don’t have nothing on you sis. Most High bless.

  3. Loved this video Pastor Dowell. It's inspiring to see food you all raised and grew become a meal. It makes me believe I can do that too. Would you please do another "dinner at Pastor Dowell house" video? Bless you Pastor and Israel

  4. First time I ever ate my own home grown organic tomato, I nearly fell to the floor with giggles because I never tasted a tomato with so much flavor and minerals… Good stuff and that meal looked amazing

  5. This one of the many reasons I'm buying land in the south. Get away from the city to grow and raise my own food. If the time ever came, I will hunt and live off the land!