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Comment (44)

  1. Big production going on, awesome!

    I like to use permaculture design for our community garden spaces to maximize yield and minimize time, energy, and money inputs.. I’ve found that some basic earthworks, chop and drop, no-till, perennial agriculture, designing passivity, stacking tons of diversity into the system, allowing for insect damage and balanced insect predator populations, and incorporating weeds and animals throughout the system drastically improves the efficiency of both small and large scale food production!

  2. Sometime it be interesting to know some of Straitways Garden pests control methods. From your video communication I realize your community is very busy and I am not trying to influence. Have you all considered putting a library of Garden methods on your web page? This may help communities and in the long run save time addressing questions on this subject. The internet is full of information but, your communities are Trustworthy and have many years of practice. Be Safe

  3. People can say what they like about Pastor Dowell and may disagree with his opinions and even doctrine but the proof is in the pudding. I am a 74 year old white woman observing this and I think he is really and truly doing things that are helping his people in practical ways. He is teaching them how to survive in a evil world that seeks to steal everything from everyone. He is empowering his people and for that should go down in history as a hero. Jesus said "You will know them by their fruits". Dowell just showed us real fruit!! Pun intended! Good job!!

  4. Vibrant & beautiful! So much work done and needed! The land has evolved enormously since we visited our Family 4 years ago. Thank you Shepherd! Children here sends their greetings.

  5. If you cut the tops of the garlic (scapes) you will get bigger cloves. The scapes are also very garlicy, and great to cook with. Also, I see how much work you have done with the raised beds, but you could grow way way more food by row cropping that entire spot. Look up never sink farm for some no till tricks. Rock on guys and gals.

  6. Cinderblock, SMART!! Won't rot & no wood seal chemicals leaching into the food. I like to plant peppermint & marigolds in those holes as it creates an insect barrier. You'll never have to replace those. I love mine. I need some more but the price is up too high. I hope waiting doesn't mean I just won't be able to get them at all later..?

  7. Good Morning Glory ☀️ Grateful to have just found your channel bc I’m growing my first garden with my children and it doesn’t look like that yet. Lord knows it sure is nice to find a Christian channel. God Bless You and your family Brother.