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  1. Daniel 11:37 tells you the anti-christ will have no desire for women. In other words a homosexual. They have to make us not only accept it, but be willing to fight for it so he can come to power. This is all by design.

  2. It’s not because of the “killings in Chicago “ That’s been going on for a long time. But a black woman just won the mayors office. Now you have a black woman in Chicago that is the mayor, the president of cook county board (Which is a very powerful position in Chicago) black woman states attorney(Who just drop charges on Jesse Smollett) etc. etc.

  3. She didn't say that Pastor. She said that Congress had 100 days if she wins for them to come up with better back ground checks and procedures. She is not against guns however she repeats that she does not like the AR platform of rifle.
    That's What she said Pastor.
    Don't matter she's not getting any of mine No Sir!

  4. Amen brother. Folks just won't take it seriously enough to take the time to go train. To get people together for at least a support role in my small city would be great, let alone an actual fighting force… They won't step up unless forced to, and by then it will be too late.

  5. People always telling us what we need to be doing? Just leave us alone? Yep your right? Kids think if they were born a boy then they don't like being a boy ? Then they can be a girl? To me if your a boy or a man that's what your birth certificate said? Boy your a boy girl your a girl? I'm a women but why would I want to be a man? Are u trying to play god? I don't understand? I know what the bible said? Maybe the folks that are a man and want to be woman? Read the bible? What is god? God said he's Haven and earth ? God is holy? I'm really not sure? What that means? He is the holy ghost? And a holy Spirit? So does that mean he's an alien? No one really know? No one has seen god before? We all know his son Jesus? I believe in God? Alot of folks talk to god? But have u seen him? I think it's fair to say no one has?

  6. It’s funny how our politicians use words like
    Executive order, words they put in place to sound all professional, and maybe at one point it was Honest. But there is so much nonsense that many are power hungry and
    Lies. You know one it’s all said and done and we as a (HUMAN RACE)!! Will look back and say, Did we even learn from our History.
    So sad the corruption, we are People not a number, and not a controlled title,
    God be with us all.

  7. Harris is a joke, but she represent a disturbing trend. Politicians are becoming more embolden to flat out infringe on rights and break the law to do what they claim is "stopping the madness". That "madness" they are referring to is simply the idea of common citizens being able to wield power comparable to the government and its agents of enforcement. That's "madness" in the minds of these globalist/Illuminati/NWO/UN freaks.

    The primary reason that militias have been all but made extinct in America is that they would represent a civilian controlled counter to state controlled law enforcement. Again, it's all about common citizens wielding power comparable to the state/FED, something that makes it very difficult to coerce citizens to play along with state edict. Now, that federal and state edicts are becoming deranged, we're starting to see WHY those militias were needed. The globalists/Illuminati/NWO/UN freaks are going to continue pushing, and eventually sane people will have to say "no". That's when things will get messy in this country.

  8. Bring back the days of my mother and father… when they had the morals of their mothers and fathers and families sat down to dinner at 5 or soon after dad came in … together and when your butt got lit up when you did something
    Nothing on tv or in the news is worth watching or listening to
    because they are brainwashing people to believe that watching men kissing men is normal …
    I remember if a dude put his hair up in a bun he was called funny.
    Now dudes wear their hair like girls and it's presumably normal…
    Not in my world… Even the good o'l muscle men are crossing over..
    And it really sad to see this being forced fed on us. But, those of us who don't except this are considered a problem that must be taken out ..
    And taking are gun would make it easier.

  9. Pastor were right she wants to take the guns so you have to be crazy to vote for her what's next? Washington is going crazy I'm 70 and I've never seen it this bad. I feel sorry for the younger generation they will never know about the good old days your a 100%right were does it stop?

  10. People are more a less in step with the hard Socialism and soft Communism here in America. The masses are group thinkers and don't go against the grain. People are tolerate of what's acceptable but not tolerate of human rights (their own rights). If something is happening to a person one should think, "could this be me tomorrow? ". Most Americans are so damn dumb down we are at a point we can no longer say we are better than others ie (US Constitution). Socialist want a hard out. Communist take. We are already Socialist. The next step is blood shed. That's what I see with gun control. Socialist break down and Communist take and rule with an iron fist.

  11. Psychiatrist make people crazy with their psych med drugs. The psych med drugs make people get guns and kill others and themselves. Then they blame the killings on guns and not the psychiatrist who push the psych meds that make people crazy and get guns so they can kill.

    Pastor Dowell…have you seen "HEAD of STATE"…
    That's all in my opinion ( clears throat)…& Mannnnn dat g@$#!+
    is definitely OUTTA CONTROL I can't even watch TV no mo…smh

    in Jesus name

  13. you would have we'll regulated criminal cults in each town just like you have now mental criminal stalkers suck7ng off state and federal (gov molestes) policing their own def3ct issues the militias have simply evolved to this and 9nlky gov degenerate are armed