Charles Dowell | – How I Abandoned my Family

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Comment (46)

  1. You can’t reason with her she no longer wanted to be your wife however you can build portfolio to help yourself gain custody & relationship with your kids also your parents are entitled to grandparents rights. Pick yourself up & fight.. create your home with the belief that your children will be back.

  2. I am not religious at all. but i agree with this message. what really pisses me off is how women can kick you out of YOUR house and take your money. AND somehow the society is OK with this shit. I will NEVER get married. i would rather donate all my money to charity

  3. I knew this guy he sent a molly dealer 2 his unruly wife when she got addicted he made sure she was addicted then he had her committed problem solved only thing is he had really gud insurance & he worked 4 the post office !

  4. IF YOU EVER GET a prenup get a certified court stenographer to record the whole prenup that shows her state of mind. She can cay well you never mentioned about this or that property that you own out free and clear. The guy can loose a lot if she said you never told of all you own. Be careful of these con artists to screw the guy over

  5. Brother I feel you been through this and my advice pray to Yah to give you the strength to endure and better days will come. Peace is at the end of all of this. Blessing and soon you will be glad this happened it all is his plan. Praise the Most High.

  6. This system works against men and fathers. When the system decided to install the, No Fault Divorce, that started the war against men! Thanks for your honesty on this topic. Love from Milwaukee brother,stay strong!

  7. I have felt the pain of your experience. In my case, I was in a foreign country for a few weeks working on behalf of our nation's space program and came home to an empty house. This was all over her lack of willingness to submit and cooperated with good wholesome family pursuits. My prayers are with you. This country/culture strives for strife.

  8. I have been where he is. There is another side to this struggle. The pain feels like you can't breathe but you are still alive. Yah can restore everything. He is doing it now for my Family. Fasting & praying with keeping silent when I wanted to respond opened my eyes on how to correct communicate with her in a way I'm which she can "catch" things in her viewpoint. I had tried for years to connect to her so things could flow in the proper order….Keep fighting the good fight YAH IS ABLE!!

  9. They only want us as wage slaves, so that the governmental system, so that they can strip us of everything, take half and give her what is left!

    How can our family ever gain and keep wealth, if the government always has it hand in our lives and our pockets! All while they force us to live as Sodom and Gomorrah lived!

  10. You married a snake, you wanted the snow bunny. Who wanted the bag, not you. All you black athletes who marry poor Becky's would not dream of wifing a girl from the hood with strong spiritual values. You married for the status. Stop saying these women say, rachet Becky. I feel for the children only.

  11. You are right. A Marriage License is only for interracial marriage…Lookup in a Law Dictionary….When you get a license, you bring in the State. We are men…not "persons"…So sorry you are going through this…But if she comes around, embrace her….I pray your family situation is healed….But you must stand….If you stand, blessings will come….

  12. I bid you Shalom Brother. I pray the Ruach comforts you during this time. As a strong man, some times you have to stand alone. Check out Brother Larry Johnson. That Brother was also in the league and is now in the truth. Stay strong and continue to pray. As long as the Most High is pleased with your walk; that is all that matters. And HE will reward your faithfulness. Shalawam

  13. Sir, you speak on many earthly and material riches when mentioning what you did for your wife. What about gifts of the spirit? What about covering and protecting her? You say that there was infidelity on your part. When a man and woman enter marriage, they agree upon the terms of their covenant. Also, infidelity brings the risk of sexually transmitted disease, children out of wedlock, etc. If you truly love your wife, I hope that you can receive counsel from your elders and reach reconciliation.

    Please read Proverbs 5:15-23 for edification.

  14. # I only know you through Pastor Dowell, I never followed foot bal since Earl Campbell #2 I am sorry for any smart ellic remarks ever before, with that said, you are a good man, you did exactly what you was suppose to do as far as going to work, training camps and away games, but you sir are no ordinary man, and because of your gift and ability to earn, and your taste for the beauty of the flesh, you was attacked very badly, but hear me well when I say this, the Most High Elohim will give you what it is you need according to his will for you, and you sir have made the correct choice, and I am sure in the end you will be blessed, if one wants to admit the truth, you are 100% correct, keep the faith brother, and you will be given another family that is with you in your beliefs in the biblical scripture, (a Hebrew Israelite wife) you can not get any closer to it than the teachings of Pastor Dowell. Sholom brother, and to put it bluntly, fk everyone and what they say, you are a good man

  15. Young man, I'm a grandmother, and I gotta say this. Now the reason I'm watching this video is because I follow Pastor Dowell on youtube and I like his ministry. See no problems there. But what you have done is tried to flip the script on your wife. You saw it done and you wanted to go that route too and that's wonderful . But she wasn't having it. Seems obvious that she doesn't have an affection for the Lord. To her, you turned into the big bad wolf, trying to KO her nice life. Now for the life of me, I can't understand the young professional men who work so hard at their craft and excel in it, would be so careless in their life choices. Then adding children, in your case, there's long term heartache coming down the pike. This all could have been avoided if you had just found Straitway Ministries first, then the woman to share you life beliefs. God bless you.


  17. wait, Mr. Huff talked about you playing for the redskins a few years ago. He is an old Hog that I know.

    There is always hope in your children to search you out.

    In 2002 I was returning to the US from a trip to some interesting countries and stopped by Germany. My former wife did not know that I was showing up, with my first wife's sister, one of her friends ( I was a widower). She looked to be 9 months pregnant and I had not seen her in over a year after she left when I was away training. That was the last time I knew where she was and only time I saw my one son with my own eyes. I asked my sister in law to just drive away. Both of them tried to use the computer to talk to me and she shut them down years ago, then tried other ways to contact me. The one time I got them on skype was right before my mother died and I just gave the tablet to her to talk to them, she died two weeks later. My ex interrupted the skype call and ended it. I just waited for them to return to me on their own. The interesting part, last week both of them were able to talk to my father over Facebook and each of them wants to come over too the US now that the youngest just graduated college. The day before my grandfather died last year he told me I would be seeing the boys sooner than I thought, but he would not be there to see them. Figure 91 years old and both of us knew his body was in the days to hours range, but his mind was still there. My Grandmother did about the same thing to him with my father and my dad searched him out. Now we are just looking into how we can get them over here with the BUG going on.